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TheCoffeeWolf's Avatar TheCoffeeWolf
Level 31 : Artisan Hunter
Brian was a family remember of a wealthy family. He was loved by everyone. Although he had no eyes and his family did, it didn't make such a difference.
'Brian!' his Mum would yell every morning 'Breakfast is ready!'
He'd jump out of bed and speed down stairs and into the dining room.
'Slow down young man, you'll do yourself no good if you fall!' his Dad would say looking up from the Morning Paper.
'Okay, Okay, so whats for breakfast?' Brian would ask. There was really no point because it was always Sausages and Bacon Rolls. But, Brian had a younger sister, Brianna, she got most of the attention and she was only 9 months younger than him.
-- Present --
'Brian!' yelled his Dad from the living room 'Chess is on TV!'
'Ugh! I hate having to watch chess...' sighed Brian.
On his was downstairs Brianna ran right past him.
'Watch your step or you'll kill us both!' hissed Brian.
'Sorry, Brian. I'm helping Mum make supper!' she said with a weird grin on her face.
Brian finally reached the bottom step and slouched into the living room.
'Oi, you took your time,' said Dad.
'Sorry, Brianna almost killed us both by running down stairs...' he said taking a seat on the couch.
'Shush, another game is begining,' whispered Dad.
'What a move made by Notch!' shieked the TV presenter.
'Look, there's our boy!' said Mum walking in to grab a recipe book.
'What, your son?' asked Brian.
'Yes, that's Notch, he's way older than you boy,' said Dad.
After half a hour Chess finally finished. Brian went back up to his room to play with his toys. Brian made his own toy, Mum and Dad said he had a natural talent for making them.
Mum then shouted him down for supper. It was usually Chocolate Mouse or something, but today it was French Toast.
As Brian entered the dining room he saw another boy sitting at the table.
'Who is that?' asked Brian.
'This is Notch, Chess wasn't live, we caught it on BBC Catch Up!' explained Dad.
'Hello, Brian...or should I call, Herobrine?' he said.
'Herobrine?' said Brian sitting down.
'Yes, seen as you have no eyes, and probably cannot see, that's your nickname...'
'For your information, I can see, very clearly...'
'Brian, eat your French Toast, for goodness sake!' said Mum.
Brian didn't like the look on Notch's face, it was like a suspicous smile type thing.
After supper Brian ran up to the bathroom only to find Notch waiting for him.
'I knew you were coming...' he said pulling out a pair of scissors.
'What are you doing with those?' shrieked Brian.
Notch ran up to him and cut his arms and legs. Brian shrieked...and screamed...no one heard him.

A few hours later Brian was dead...he had revived as a Ghost and hauted the house ever since.
His family wondered where he had gone, but Notch did not confese to his crime untill later that year. When Brian as then given the name 'Herobrine The Ghost Of Moody Mansion...' He has never stopped haunting people, the only person he did not haunt was Notch...Because he knew Notch would take a picture of him and remove him...
It ended there...

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04/27/2019 2:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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