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HOW TO BE A BOSS AT MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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avatar hicorysmokedmen
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OK SO YOU WANNA BE A BOSS AT MINECRAFT...ok. Step 1: you have to not be a n00b here is how not to be a n00b you don't do stupids things like jump into a lava pit for FuNz. You also don't build a house right outside the safe-zone on a multiplayer server unless you have enough power and people like everyone is afraid of you. And just don't be "that guy" that guy is a guy that just sucks. Ok step 2: Be leader. Being the leader is a big deal if your the leader you get respect and if u don't then those people are haters (we will talk about haters later) and if the hater/haters do hate then you will kick and kill if they are in a faction with you, if not then go find their base and burn, grief, raid, all that fun stuff. Being a leader also means making the right choice if someone wants war don't be a hater and say "F**K YEA" a good leader tries hard not to get in war because all war does is get you respect that is bad is respected because they are afraid of you or don't have any and get raided and stuff, so make allies alot of them so that if u do get in war they can help. Step 3: Be Awesome and do what people want. So if someone calls you a BOSS do the same then some respect comes in with that person. Share with people like trading and working for them. Be awesome means like if someone wants to PVP with you set up some rules and do it. Step 4 (LAST ONE): BE A BOSS BOSSES are just BOSSES some are born with it (like me) and if you then share it so people can learn how to be a BOSS. But DO NOT OVER USE IT (I think with this article I did a little) because if you do then it will get old and keep it alive for as long as you can. AND after you do something cool say "LIKE AH BOSS!" cause that is like the code of the BOSSES.


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