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How to damage Ender Dragon using other hostile mobs

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avatar ZhyperMU
Level 21 : Expert Mage
Welcome :)

So I've been playing MC for 2 yrs. and I defeated the Ender Dragon 50+ times. So I've started this plan when the Wither Update was released.

Did you know that The Blaze and The Wither can help you damage the Ender Dragon???
Follow this steps:

1. Play in Creative mode
2. Go to the Ender Dimension
3. spawn this mobs: (you must spawn them all together in 1 cluster)
15 Blazes
3 Withers
4. Hide in the middle of the cluster

Then wait until the Ender Dragon hits you. And then when it hits you while you are in the cluster. These will Happen:

BLAZE: 4-7 blazes will fly and shoot Flames at the Ender Dragon

WITHER: 1 of them will fly and throw exploding heads while chasing the Ender Dragon
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