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Level 1 : New Miner

Dinsbeer's Guide to Getting XP

Let's cut to it. You want experience for enchanting or something like that but you don't know how to get it quickly.

Here are a few efficient ways to get XP:
  • Killing mobs (farm)
  • Mining down low (level 8-ish)
  • Smelting anything

Mob Farm

This isn't my favorite option, but to each his own, right? I found this tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to make a relatively easy mob farm. I highly recommend that you tweak the design a bit. There are many other effective mob farms out there but finding one is your business.


The most effective way to gain XP is to mine. Take yourself down to about level 8 (you are thinking "DIAMONDS!") and start a strip mine. Always mine any ore that you see because ORE = XP! Even if you have to smelt it, you will end up with XP. Coal, Redstone, and Lapis Lazuli Ores are common down there at level 8 and they both give great amounts of XP. This concept is pretty self-explanatory.


This is easy. Find anything cook-able. Cook it in a furnace. Clay, food, ore, anything!!!

Thanks for reading!
Credit:AstonishingGamer (youtube user)

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