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How to install mods 1.6.1 no forge

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parkour master's Avatar parkour master
Level 46 : Master Enderdragon
Hello Parkour Master here sorry about the installing mods a day or two but a new One
it is esayer then the last time

Start, tipe, %appdata%, versons, make a new folder, call it a name, go to 1.6.1, select all, copy, go to the new folder, pasted, rename the the 1.6.1 to the name of the folder all caps the same no space same with the folder no spaces,
rename the 1.6.1.json to the name of the folder .json, open the json file with notpad or notpad++ at the top id rename 1.6.1 the folder name, save, go back, go to 1.6.1 open with winrar or 7zip delect meder inf yes you do open modloader select all drag and drop in the folder progarm then make a new folder in the folder and call it mods put the mods in hey then you are done

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