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How to Install Mods [1.8.0]

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Comment if your happy I updated this blog and needed some help. :D

So, mod installing has changed in the newest update, 1.8.0, I've kinda been procrastinating about when to make this, but I decided, since I have the free time, why not now? Okay, so the new mod installing process is very simple, but not widely known (well it probably is by now but its not as easy).

Here's how:
Windows (7 and XP)

1.Go to your start menu and type %appdata% (if in Windows XP click Run and type this)  IF YOUR IN WINDOWS 8 DO START+ R

2.Click the .minecraft folder and open it.

3. Now in here you'll see a "version" folder. Click and open this folder.

4. If you haven't modded anything, all you should see is the versions of Minecraft you have downloaded and played on with the new launcher.

5. Now, depending on what mod you want, find the version you want to install it with.

6. Copy this version, like copy it with tools, then paste it in the folder.

7. Rename this whatever you would like, example: Modded MC, Modpack MC.

8. Now once you've renamed this, here comes the tricky part. Open the folder that you just re-named and now change the name of the .jar file and the .json file to what your folder name was. This is simple, but sometimes people get it messed up.

9. Open the .json. This can be opened with most things, but Notepad if you don't have much.

10. Once you opened it, you will probably see something like this: {
"id": "1.6.2 - Copy",
"time": "2013-07-09T13:59:42-05:00",
"releaseTime": "2013-07-05T08:09:02
Now in the ID part, (note this will be arranged differently, like the actual thing I just pasted on)you need to re-name the ID to what was your folder name. Like change "1.6.2 - Copy" to [insert folder name here]

11. Once you've done that, it gets pretty similar to like the old launcher. What you have to do is open the .jar with a file opener, like WinRAR, or 7Zip (7Zip IS free)

12. Now once you've opened both the mod and the .jar file, you need to Ctrl + A all the contents in the mod, and drag them into the .jar file. Once you've done that, the mod should be installed when you close the .jar, but REMEMBER, ALWAYS DELETE THE FOLDER IN THE .JAR CALLED META-INF.

13. Now goes onto how to open the mod, with this new launcher. On the bottom left, click "New Profile". Now name this whatever you please: Modded 1.6.2, Modded MC.

14. After you've named it, what you need to do is find the "Use Version" which is next to a scroll down tab. Click on this tab, and find the release [whatever you named your folder in the beginning]

15. Now load up minecraft, and this should work! I hope you all enjoyed this mod tutorial!

If you are any way satisfied, maybe you could leave a comment a diamond, or a favorite!
Thanks, See ya!

08/24/2013 9:48 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Blockhead
Wait, what folder do you copy the version to?
08/03/2013 11:36 am
Level 25 : Expert Spelunker
Is it bad that I (0Smorez0) use the 1.5 launcher for building because 1.6's new download system for mods makes me angry? And I need to use SP Commands
08/03/2013 11:38 am
Level 26 : Expert Cowboy
No, its normal, but some blocks you might like for building in 1.6. A lot of people use single player commands too, it just helps them build better and faster.
08/03/2013 11:40 am
Level 25 : Expert Spelunker
Ya. Diamond for YOU
08/03/2013 11:41 am
Level 26 : Expert Cowboy
Thanks :)
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