How to Make a kid friendly minecraft video


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Step 1: No swearing

There are 2 swears that are exclusive to countries and that is a synonym for covered in blood and the code name for nether

also any other swears don't say them

And also edit out swears on videos if you accidentally come by one

Step 2: Be a good example

This means to not troll and only fight players on pvp games and servers

Step:3 Keep your channel art kid friendly
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To be continued

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another thing is, act like your audience is older but without all the swearing and stuff, instead of being a stampylonghead. That's what got me to sub to PopularMMOs (i unsubbed later for other reasons)
Cool tutorial, however I'm not gonna make a youtube channel.
Nice! I just got a Minecraft card code for FREE! :D (Link removed)

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