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How to make a minecraft rig

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Tigerpickering avatar Tigerpickering
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Hi guys it's tigerpickering and I am going to teach you how to make your own minecraft rig. Some good rig templates are Fancy Feet by theduckcow, VMComix, BSS (Boxscape Studios) Edit, ZAMination, etc. First, You will need Blender. You could download the latest Version of Blender (2.81) at https//:www.blender.org and then go online to download a pre-made rig but for Blendswap before downloading you have to sign up for Blendswap. If you do not want to download a rig, go to Youtube and watch TutsByKai's "How to make your own minecraft rig. So if you have a rig now, it should be a .blend file. Now click on your rig and let's open the rig! Now that you have entered Blender, install MCprep, a Blender addon. If you do not know how to download this addon, go to Youtube and watch theduckcow's video: "How to install MCprep for blender 2.8". Now that you have installed MCprep, use any online skin editor and remove your skin's face (if it still has the face when you make the rig it will be a BIG mistake!). Now save the skin to the desktop and press "Skin from file" in the MCprep skin swapper. Now (if you want to) add an item or mob with the MCprep spawner. Please make sure it is object mode or THIS WILL NOT WORK!!!!>:( Now pose the rig in pose mode. Now render the image by pressing "Render" and then "Render Image" and wait for the rig to render (this may take a bit :/). Now you can press "Image" and "Save as" at the desktop and then name it anything you want. PLZ remember that the file extension is .jpg. Now enjoy your new rig!!!!!!! :D

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