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How to make minecraft run faster WITHOUT bad graphics

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Free Things you can do
- Get optifine
- Use -Xms1G java arguement under advanced java settings when starting minecraft instead of -Xmx1G
- Get 64 bit java if you have 32 bit java and a 64 bit system, with 32 bit java minecraft can only use half a gig of ram
- Open tankmanager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and check if there are unwanted programs running, if so install an anti virus
- Make sure to use VBOs, its 5% more fps with no graphics reduced
- Once you have optifine go to options > video settings > Animations then void particals off
- Use render distance 6, it runs much faster then 8 and does not look that bad
- Go to options > video settings > performance and turn fast math and fast render on its self explanitory
Things you can buy
- More ram, 4GB of ram should run minecraft just fine on normal-far render distances but if you plan on getting mods, making a server, using high settings get 8GB Trust me its worth it
- Get a better cpu (Central Processing Unit), a intel i3 should run vanilla just fine but if you want to do things like high render distances and servers get a i5 cpu or 6-8 core amd cpu
- A better gpu (Graphic Processing Unit), a gpu basically processes the image on your monitor, in my case with a gtx 980 ti's i never had any gpu issues but thats $1300 we don't need to go crazy intel hd graphics work but if you want 60 fps on decent settings i recommend getting a better gpu id recommend the Amd Radeon r7 250 if you just want to play vanilla but if your going to get the shaders mod i would recommend the GeForce 960 or Amd r9 370.

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