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How to make your projects look better! (Advice, Tips, & Tricks)

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Project Buildings Tips

Hello there guys! Xenetroth here to post my first ever blog!

Tips and Tricks

1. Detail - Detail is one of the most important parts of your build. Always try your hardest not to make your build be bland, non-detailed builds are not very interesting to look at. An example would be if you had a house for example and it was made of oak wood or any other material. It would look bland as crap (yes crap can be bland) try to mix up the blocks a bit and try to make it more in-depth. No I do not mean randomly place brick blocks with lapis lazuli blocks. Try to make your build eye appealing!

2. Terrain around the build - If you have the ability to use these following programs/plugins: VoxelSniper, Worldedit, MCedit. Then use them to your advantage! People wouldn't want to see a detailed structure surrounded by flat grass (thinking you would build in the flat grass world). I mean yes the build is great and all, but people don't just pay attention to the build they also pay attention to the surroundings of the build. They pay attention to the terrain around it so if you can use those Minecraft editing programs/plugins then use them.

3. Other buildings/stuff - A detailed structure can stand alone sometimes, though it is always good to have those little structures to go around your project. Such as wheat fields, lamps, roads, streams, small houses etc. All of those are parts are details that can go around your project/building to make it look appealing to look at. What people want the most when looking at a project is if it's eye-candy to them.

4. Plan out your build - Now this I cannot stress enough is most important. This is probably one of the most essential things to do when making a huge structure. Yes winging it can work sometimes but not all the time. I used to have the most trouble with building houses or anything in general because I wouldn't plan them out. Now I always try to make the base of the structure and up.

5. Source Images (Skippable) - Now source images are probably one of the things I would think isn't really that important, but always good to have. Like this for example that is what I used for a source image to make my Gilded Oak Estate. It's always good to have it but not really that important.

6. Block Pallet - This is pretty important when it comes to making builds. You could always try to wing the block pallet as you go. But then if you look back at your build and say "Man, this would look better if I had put down Stone Slabs rather than Bricks!" Try and layout your block pallet before you do any other thing (unless you are trying to do layout the outline of your structure first with a different block at first).


1. Take breaks - If you feel tired and sleepy take a break from building! Your build will not move unless it's deleted by someone (provided your on a server) or your server be wiped. Personally I usually work on a build for about 3-5 hours before I crash or get bored. If you feel as if you need to take a break from building go outside and breath some fresh air, watch TV, sleep, or do something else! Otherwise, you would be exerted from all your energy then you wouldn't be able to make anything!

2. Inspiration - Inspiration can come a long ways. Inspiration from the smallest things can make your build exceptionally better. Inspiration would be things such as large detailed cathedrals to mountains that make you "Oh my Jebus."

3. Never give up - Now what I've seen most people have been my gosh I've lost all power to work on this one build. Well what I say to that is never give up. Never giving up is a very good step to future creations, it inspires you to advance in your Minecraft creations and finding more ways to make it look better. Also never giving up will affect you in the future if you have those papers that you really don't want to do but you need to do them. I know I've been affected, I tried to make a medieval castle once and gave up now I try my hardest to finish the structures I started on.

4. Be creative - It is good to be able to make structures that other people make and use them as your own. But try to add a little flavor of your own style try not to copy it 1:1 scale (unless that's how your build is suppose to be). Whenever I make my projects I try and put my own flavor to it and tone it up and add more detail.

5. Be an Inspiring - If you build something so good that it makes people's jaw drop then that probably means your build just blew them away. People that make such great builds would become an inspiration to people that want to be as good of a builder as them.

6. Team - Sure being by yourself, and a good builder is great and all but think about what would happen if a team of great builders grouped up and made a project together. That certain "project" would be awesome and shows what happens when a group of great builders came together and made a project. An example would be this, this was made by a team of builders that wanted to make a server that could inspire everyone in the Minecraft community.

I think that would be probably it for me guys, again this is Xenetroth and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Links to plugins and mods that can help in building a project

Voxelsniper - Tool used to terraform terrain and stuff.

Worldedit - Allows large scale game world editing.

SinglePlayerCommands - Adds commands you didn't have access to with vanilla Minecraft.

MCEdit - A building and editing tool that lets to import and export builds from Minecraft.

Worldpainter - A powerful program that allows you to create terrain however you want it to look like.

Links to projects that used tips like this

The Cracked Stone Inn

The Gilded Oak Estate

The A'therys Ascended Server
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