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How to play minecraft

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How to play minecraft
to start playing minecraft you have to go to http://www.minecraft.net
Then you go to the downloads page you download the game. you will be able to play the game for thirty days before the trial expires. So in that thirty days you want to know how to play right?
So once you download the game you will login to your account.
it will pop up like this

You click the single player button and then hit create new world.
dono t worry about the seed or world type and stuff like that just hit create new world.
When it loads you will need to learn to move.
you use the W,A,S,D keys to move and you use the mouse to look around.
then you click to break blocks and you right click to place blocks.

you can also use blocks you mine and break to make items!
in some cases you cano t mine blocks without a special tool.
for instance stone you cant mine stone without a pick axe you make your first pick out of wood then make a cobblestone pickaxe then an iron pick and finaly DIAMOND! you make a wooden pick with a crafting table then you make the other ones the same way.
but some ores like gold and iron you have to smelt them before you can make tools and armor with it. when you want to mine for ores like gold,iron and diamond you want to make a stair case down to level 5 right above bedrock. once you get to bedrock you mine forward in one direction and make branches off every 2-4 blocks.
p.s you can see the crafting recipies on the minecraft crafting wiki

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