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Hunger games the necessities to survival

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ragingummybear avatar ragingummybear
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Alright guys it ragingummybear here with a blog post (well durr), and today we will talk about hunger games the necessities to survival.


Alright guys I know some of you think hunger games servers are stupid, pointless, and not fun. Well if you learn how to play on these servers correctly you will learn how fun these types of servers really are. Without further ado let us start.

There are three categories for us to start with: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Alright choose one, if you have never played on a hunger games server pick beginner, don't lie to yourself and say you are advanced, or else this tutorial won't work for you.

Beginner:Alright so if you are a beginner I would recommend teaming up with ONE person. If you have a friend you know you can trust than pick him/her. Or if you are feeling especially ambitious go by yourself, further instructions for this will be given in the advanced section, so skip to the advanced section if you really want to go solo. But this is a strategy for advanced people. Alright when you and your team mate kill almost everybody and only about two other people besides you and your team mate are left. Well unfortunately now is the time to kill your team mate. It will be worse if the only two people left are you two. This will require a bit more strategy as you two know each other well, and know each other's hide outs. Once you think you are ready move onto the intermediate section.

Intermediate: Alright so you won the games huh? Well then you are ready for intermediate. So in intermediate you could be a career if you want. And if you have read the books you know what a career is. So grab a bunch of friends or grab strangers from the arena. I recommend friends, because strangers will betray you. some other options are the ONE person option or the solo. Alright so you are with your fellow careers right? Well once you get to the 3 careers left stage you either want to betray your team or leave them. Then leave them on their own. After this read up on how to go solo, in the advanced section. Remember to not grab to many people to be on your team.

Advanced: Alright you are going to be a master at hunger game servers if you can win a game like this. Solo, that is all advanced is about, going solo. When you go solo, brute strength will kill you. This section will be very elaborate. So let us start. Alright guys first as usual grab the items, aim for chest that are close to you or if the chests are stacked grab the ones at the bottom and move along to the top. Then run off, if you aren't playing on the survival games map than run off to wherever you want and ind chests. If you are on the survival games map I can't say too much because I don't have much experience with that map. Okay so you are scouting and found a few chests with armor and weapons, you see one more but some other player is also running at it. Well for this you should run at the chest see what you can loot and kill the player. A better strategy is let the player get to the chest, and then while he is grabbing hit him a few times till he dies. If he finishes before you kill him, than just hit him as you normally would, than loot the items he drops. If you are in low lives than I would run away and heal, than go at him again. Okay well there is another strategy that is dangerous. After you grab items and run away from spawn go back to spawn and wait, undoubtedly if you are in a small arena a ton of people will come back to spawn to check if people left some loot in the chests. And that is all I can say for advanced right now.

Alright guys, if this tutorial helped you please diamond, favorite, and subscribe

This took me well over 20-30 minutes to think out, edit, and write. If possible I would like this to get onto the popular reel so more people can become better at hunger games thank you! :D Also check out my skins:D

(by the way the banner was edited from an already existing picture)

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Here's my favourite line in the first book:(Interviewer) Well there must be some specail girl in your life. said Carl somthing or other. Well there is, but alot of peo0ple like her and I don't think she likes me. said Peeta. Well all you've got to do is win the games and she'll be all over you! said carl somthing or other. Well, um it won't work because the girl I like is the girl that, that I came here with. I suddenly froze. Five Pages later she nearly kills him :P
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