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    Hello and welcome to my profile, quite dusty in here, don't mind the old content specially the texture packs (I can't remember half of what I did), anyways...
    Now I only make the occasional skin here and there, with my current theme being fantasy races/people, it might change but for now enjoy the new content and ignore everything that's behind sporine (I'm serious it isn't my best work).

    Feel free to give me tips or ideas cause those are always welcome and don't expect much from shading cause I don't have the patience for complex lighting and stuff, I'm keeping it simple for now.

    Also if you're wondering about the profile picture, it's the Bread God (an inside joke from a private server, "All Hail the Bread God").
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      January 31, 2024, 10:56 pm to Public
      I DID IT! I had my eureka moment and FINALLY figured out how to make a slime looking texture, so expect a slime themed skin or something of sorts soon... or well... soon-ish at least. until then, uuuuh, I dunno go play some lethal company or something XD
    • GalacticSpike's Avatar
      June 7, 2023, 5:09 pm to Public
      I wonder what theme I should do for my next skin... Wich would be complete in around 8 months
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    Vee Dealmaker [OC]
    Sporine, The Mushroom Ranch Girl
    Arachne the Spider Gal [OC]
    Vanera the Bounty Huntress [OC]
    Nyx, The Vampire Girl
    Vee Dealmaker, The Demon Girl
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