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IConomy without Database?

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avatar little-psycho
Level 39 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
Hello :)
Im currently setting up a private minecraft survial server and wanted to add iconomy, but it requires a mysql database to run. (i know what that is).

is there a way to use it without that database or any alternative plugins with a money and shop system?

hope you can help me!

PS: I'm using bukkit

08/01/2011 3:36 pm
Level 45 : Master Zombie
Iconomy also uses H2 which is a more localized, which works without Mysql, database function. In the config.yml make sure your settings are setup for H2 (easiest way to do this is to let the plugin repopulate the file for you if you delete that config, or extract it from the *.jar, H2 is a default setting for Iconomy, however if your menu options are working you might want to check you permissions to make sure that your set to a * permission node. Also your version of craftbukkit will download the required library to use H2 databases. Use the defaults in the zip you downloaded and you'll be fine.

Pm me if you still having troubles


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