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Insights: Pillager outposts and "what about the lore"

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Welcome back to a little weekly insight, something I will try to do more often in the future, to keep you up to date, with what's going on, what is changing and how I come to my decisions

Seeing here, you see the developments of the pillager outpost. Mixed with first versions of the pillager outpost.

- added more tents types
- added campfires
- added wagons
- added pillager mines
- replaced pillager watchtower (the stone tower didn't make any sense for a "temporary" outpost)

The goal is to give the outpost more "life" and reasons to exist, in order to include it into my worlds but also connect details around the vanilla lore.

On the lore focus, although Minecraft doesn't have much of an obvious lore, many clues and points are laid out in the builds, structures, and the world itself.
The Mobestiary and other books will partly build the base for future decisions on how or what will be included. Despite that, I still probably have to manage the balancing act between gameplay, fun, realism, and lore. For the time now, i won't add a custom lore, but rather exaggerate, elaborate or enhance existing clues.

For example:
Illagers Lore gives hints that Illagers have a fascination/use for lapis, as in the woodland mansion, in the pillager wool head, a lapis block can be found.
Obtaining the lapis will be done by the outposts, that have their own dedicated Mineshafts, at these Mineshafts, you can find lapis ores.

Im open to recommendations and suggestions, drop them below or throw them into the discord!

Insights: Pillager outposts and "what about the lore"

Insights: Pillager outposts and "what about the lore"

Insights: Pillager outposts and "what about the lore"


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