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    McMeddon, on of the biggest map makers in Minecraft. Creating survival worlds for solo, coop and multiplayer server. Releasing: Maps, Assets, Videos, Buildings, Timelapses and helpful tutorials for creative and innovative people in the Minecraft field. Mastering the Buttons of every program. Aswell as trying to produce beautiful creations for people to enjoy.
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    •  avatar
      CrownDeluxe posted to guest book of McMeddon avatar McMeddon
      January 13, 2023, 12:17 pm to Public
      I tried to log onto the server earlier today, but realized it has a whitrellist that would need me to go to a discord server, but I don't have access to discord. Is there some way to get whitelisted? (I've been really hoping to play with Blue for the first time)
      CrownDeluxe replied to TheMidnightWolfYT's comment below 2023-01-18 10:38:52
      Where's that?
      TheMidnightWolfYT replied to CrownDeluxe's comment below 2023-01-18 09:03:22
      Use the server PMC page
      CrownDeluxe replied to TheMidnightWolfYT's comment below 2023-01-17 21:50:09
      Can't though, that's the problem :\
      TheMidnightWolfYT said 2023-01-17 19:16:42
      Use McMeddon’s Discord Server, that’s how I got in
    •  avatar
      SamIsPog posted to guest book of McMeddon avatar McMeddon
      December 19, 2022, 4:48 am to Public
      Your skin looks so cool
      McMeddon said 2022-12-19 09:01:25
      thanks alot :)
    •  avatar
      CrownDeluxe posted to guest book of McMeddon avatar McMeddon
      December 14, 2022, 8:50 pm to Public
      I've been delaying the inevitable for long enough...
      Here's your sub, thanks for all those diamonds and post likes too!
    •  avatar
      lizking10152011 posted to guest book of McMeddon avatar McMeddon
      December 9, 2022, 2:47 am to Public
      Thank you for liking my Bedrock Behavior Pack. Maybe you would know, is Ore and block generation in vanilla biomes hardcoded? I tried using a Behavior Pack on Bedrock Edition to re-add 1.17 Ore Generation and Deepslate Generation above Y=0 back into the game and the behavior packs don't work.
      lizking10152011 replied to McMeddon's comment below 2022-12-09 16:09:20
      I found said behavior packs in the features and features_rules folders on Bedrock Edition going through the different versions compliments of MCLauncher (Third Party Program that allows access to older versions of Bedrock Edition). Making a behavior pack for 1.18+ by modifying said files with 1.17 generation and re-adding the above 0 Deepslate Feature File didn't seem to do anything. I event went as far as making a behavior test pack where Deepslate Emerald Ore generated in a Uniform (Not Triangle) format on all Y levels in all biomes (Modifying both the feature and feature rule file) and nothing changed.

      I would rather have such a thing if possible be part of a behavior pack than have to go back to 1.17 via MCLauncher and then updating the world to 1.18 afterwards for below 0 generation. Maybe I did something wrong. I recently made a behavior pack and uploaded it here on Planet Minecraft. Those modified features and feature_rules files are in the packs unusued or broken folder since they didn't work if you want to look at them.
      McMeddon said 2022-12-09 08:59:55
      minecraft has its own generation layerstep for generation ores, etc...

      but worldpainter can also apply ores in varies ranges and %..

      so i believe it might be possible to do with a worldgen datapack/behavior pack
    •  avatar
      Hello_there__ posted to guest book of McMeddon avatar McMeddon
      December 8, 2022, 8:11 pm to Public
      For some reason when I see you liked something, it looks like a holy thing I should be kneeling to,
      you strike me like that
      McMeddon said 2022-12-09 09:12:37
      haha i know that feeling!
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