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Interview with IAmLikeSoCalledTT

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avatar Del_boy211
Level 27 : Expert Explorer

Hey guys!

Today I will be doing an interview with my favorite blogger


Let's get started!

(Blue writing is TT, black is mine)

What got you into the series for 'Moderator vs Moderator'

Well originally the idea was a take on some TV show I watched, but I just liked the concept of a fun game used to get to know the people that run PMC so wonderfully.

What were you like when you first started PMC?

I guess many would say that I was well and truly rubbish. My skins were unshaded, and my blogs were useless and cheesy. (Them blogs and skins were deleted)

So what would you say is more of your thing, skinnig or blogging?

Definitely blogging - 100%! I do enjoy making the occasional skin, just because they are fun to make but I would choose blogging any day!

So what does it feel like to have so many fans on PMC?

Well I am so thankful to every single one of my subscribers that have perceived with my content and profile and I can only hope that my future submissions are worth the supscription!

So how much time do you put into blogging, you know, like making it just right for your fans?

I put in quite a lot of time - I mean I find it hard to fit blogging into my schedule but when I do, I spend a good amount of time on it! I would suggest  a couple of hours or more for a blog, maybe less if it is a brief topic or I don’t have much time. One rule I do have is that I never post something unless completely happy with it and I always try to adapt to people’s feedback on my works.

If PMC had a major change in blog writing that you don't understand, would you adapt and keep going or would you give up?

It would depend on the change really. If it was something ludicrous I would probably hold a non-blogging protest, but return to it it in the next few days! I would hope that I would just adapt and keep writing.

Will you give us an imsperational quote to keep posting?

I love the quote “Life is like a bow and arrow - if it’s dragging you down then it’s about to spring you into something brilliant”

So that is it, I hope you guys enjoyed my first interview!

And for todays shoutout, Repson! He makes epic blogs that will touch your heart and I garentee that you'll enjoy!

So anyway, thanks for reading this blog!

I just have to say though, thank you guys...

For all the support you've given me when blogging, I've had many negative comments, but I won't let those stop me!

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If you enjoy all of my blogs, make sure to Subscribe if you havn't already, it helps me out more than anything c:


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  • Ashfur4ever
  • Level 26
  • Expert Artist
  • September 30, 2014, 12:24 pm
this was interesting, i liked the quote :3
  • Del_boy211
  • Level 27
  • Expert Explorer
  • September 30, 2014, 12:29 pm
I did too :3

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