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Interview with PinkGubel - My Interview series

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avatar Anxi
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
Hey Guys! Today I've made my new Interview Series. :D PinkGubel is really good at making skin. She have a level of 29 and have a 14,245 views, She is really a talented person!
1. How can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Answer: Sad, Crazy, Weird
2. Who is your fav. youtuber? views
Answer: StampyLongHead
3. What do you think is your best project/build?
Answer: I made a Victorian house :)
4. How long did you played minecraft?
Answer: about 2 years
5. What is your real goal in Planet Minecraft?
Answer: to get 500 subscribers
6. What is your favorite part of minecraft?
Answer: Mining
7. What do you think of the old and new version of minecraft?
Answer: I prefer old version :P that is all
8. What is your IGN?
Answer: Pinkgubel
9. What do you think is your best creation on Planet Minecraft?
Answer: my emerald fairy skin :3
10. What is the most awkward moment that happened to you in minecraft?
Answer: When I skyped messedup_unicorn.. when I was playing minecraft of course ;P

Check her channel!


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