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interviewing oophelia // nightliqhts nifty news

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avatar pheb
Level 5 : Apprentice Narwhal
hi there!
it's me night and this part of my nifty news is and interview with the glorious skinner oophelia!
this is going to be in a similar format to gemira's interviews so full credit to them

my questions and answers will be in this spooky halloween purple
whilst oophelia's answers will be in this pumkin orange
let's get right into the interview shall we?

do you want to link any of your social media or websites here?

I do! I post bases occasionally on the skindex [link here], but most of my other accounts are private.

cool! everyone be sure to check that out!

what influenced you to start pmc?

I used to be a woman of skindex. I posted all my content there, and it was of course terrible ! I saw a post on Instagram (I used to be on mcig) that said they were posting their skins on ‘Planet Minecraft’, so I decided to check it out. After posting a few skins, I just fell in love. I started investing hours into it, and over the summer I came to where I am now

thats actually quite similar to my PMC story

how would you describe your skinning style?

When I started skinning I was really defining that Minecraft is blocky. The darkest of my colors were put against the edges and overall it was really bad. I’m super happy to announce that I learned better and now make skins that I genuinely enjoy. I like to think I use the popular ‘simplistic’ style, of course with my own little twist ! I don’t know if this fits into this category, but I’m definitely a ‘teen skinner’, haha.

we all have a little bit of a 'teen skinner' in us

who are your inspirations in skinning and in general?

I never had a skinner that I based myself off of. I never wanted to be someone else. Of course I wanted to be as famous and liked as some, but I never wanted to be them. I built off myself as I improved.

thats interesting, i rely on others for inspiration for my skins

what are your 2 top skinning tips for beginning skinners?

  1. DEVELOP YOUR OWN STYLE. I see too many skins with the same basic corner to middle shading that I automatically consider then bad now. As a new skinner you need to experiment and try to make something from yourself. You need to stand out against everyone else.

  2. DO NOT START WITH EDITING. You need to get sent into the chicken race with no bases to start you. When I started skinning I was one of those terrible people who would just change the hair of a skin and reupload it. I did get better at hair, but I did not do the same with clothing. I didn’t learn how to shade clothing for months. When I got to pmc and finally started trying, though, it was amazing ! I learned so fast ! I actually liked what I produced ! Start fresh and learn as you go.

definetly great tips to follow

what are your hobbies?

I’m an extremely boring person. I don’t get too much free time, but when I do, I don’t even spending it playing games! I play Minecraft maximum three times a month! Most of my freetime I use to either make skins, skim through pmc, talk to my friends, read, or write.

that sounds like what i do, except i spend most free time playing the sims 4 whoopsies

how would you describe yourself?

I am extremely annoying. You have no idea. Someone told me they would send me an image of their dog but they didn’t. I probably asked for a dog pic in different places at least 25 times (I got an image of the dog in the end, at least !). I don’t have anything else to describe myself as that aren’t negative so let’s move on from this question.

well i personally think that you're wonderful!

do you see yourself skinning in the future years?

I will not be on PMC forever. I’ve been with Minecraft for four years and I might be meeting the closing years. School will eventually take me away from skinning and I’ll stop, I’m sure of it, that’s what always happens. At the most, I will probably only be skinning until 2020, if that. I don’t want to be a weird 18 year old sitting there on an editor making skins for a game with an age demographic of 7-14!

true me too, i see myself ending my pmc activity at the end of 2018 or 2019 as I start year 10 in 2020 and that means study on top of study!

what servers do you play on and what games do you play on them?

I actually do not enjoy playing Minecraft, which is weird because I devote most of my time creating skins for it. The times I do play are because some of the streamers I watch are playing, and they usually play Hypixel. Every now and then I check into Hive to see if any PMC members are there (I’m pretty sure there’s a conspiracy; Every single time I see someone who’s met another popular skinner it’s on the Hive !).

i spend most of my minecraft time on the Hive. I personally think that it's the best but my friend thinks that hypixel is so we're in an argument at the moment lol

do you have any hidden talents?

I can make fortune tellers like a boss. I haven’t snagged many friends at school, so whenever I have free time I spend it folding and cutting paper to make simple origami. I can probably make one in at most a minute (not including cutting the paper- I don’t have scissors so I have to use the folding and ripping method.

i used to devote all of my time to origami and i was garbage

do you play any video games other than minecraft?

I occasionally play Overwatch, and sometimes steam games, but overall I don’t put a lot of time into gaming. I’d rather spend my time skinning and talking to my beloved!

i've never played overwatch, i used to really want it but i then realised that i'm not really into combat only games

what do you want to be when you’re an adult?

I want to be an assistant of pathology! The sad thing, though, is that I will most likely not be able to afford this. The tuition is double what I’d be making a year! They say to do what you love but I just don’t know if I could do it.

i really want to be an actress but i'm having no luck at the moment, my tip is to keep trying! if you want to be an assistant of pathology then you can be an assistant of pathology you may even need to wait a few years to save up the money needed for tuition but it'll be worth it if it's what you love doing!

what are your top 3 things that you love about minecraft?

  1. The fan made options. I love that you can customize your game and experience! It’s amazing! I love being able to make skins and then use this in game. Amazing!

  2. The cobblestone block. Cobblestone is my favorite block on Minecraft, as I enjoy it’s grey color. I also love how easy it is to obtain! Such a great block

  3. Creative mode. I only really love creative mode so much because I hate survival with a burning passion. I just can not do it! I love being able to make whatever I want with unlimited resources, you know?

i love cobble too! but my favourite block is cyan concrete ikr what!

do you watch any minecraft youtubers if so, who?

There’s a group of smallish YouTubers that I am kind of friends with and I watch their streams. They are:

BlackMine (I am an executive on his discord server and stream mod for him. He’s the one I bother for dog pics)

Lonely6amer (He is my friend, but I am also an executive on his discord server and a stream mod

PenguinParidise (she is my BEST FRIEND. I talk to her about musicals and such all the time. I’m an executive on her discord server and a stream mod)

BlitzMC (he is kind of my friend, but he’s also a mod on blackmine’s server so we chit chat a bit there and such. I just watch his videos)

AngelP.up (she makes amazing speedpaints! She’s a friend and also an executive on blackmine’s server)

great! everyone reading be sure to check them out!

do you use your own skins or skins that other skinners have created?

I usually use my own skins, but if I get a gift skin or fanskin I use it for a while! Back in the day when I used to do roleplays, though, I would use others, but I no longer do so.

that's interesting to know, i only use other people's skins because i can't bare to wear my own skins

and last but not least, what is the quote you live by?

“Today’s going to be a good day and here’s why: Because today you’re you, and that’s enough”


thanks so much oophelia, i really appriciate you taking time out of your day to work on this interview with me!

Creditgemira for the inspiration for the format and oophelia for letting me interview her

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  • Gemira
  • Level 1
  • New Dragon
  • October 7, 2017, 3:08 pm
Very nice interview~! :D
I appreciate the credit given! ❤
  • pheb
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Narwhal
  • October 7, 2017, 3:26 pm
Thank you and You're welcome! ♥
  • pheb
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Narwhal
  • October 3, 2017, 9:50 pm
thanks so much pusheen
  • Ophelia
  • Level 47
  • Master Baconator
  • October 3, 2017, 12:45 pm
thank you so much for interview !! it was fun c:
  • pheb
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Narwhal
  • October 3, 2017, 9:49 pm
it was my pleasure
  • Beverly
  • Level 65
  • High Grandmaster Explorer
  • October 2, 2017, 10:48 pm
Excellent interview! <3
I especially like that thumbnail. c; Too cute!
  • pheb
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Narwhal
  • October 2, 2017, 10:50 pm
thanks beverly

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