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(Lose Teeth Guide) 5 ways to pull out your lose teeth & a lot of info about lose teeth & (tell me the story of how you lost a tooth!)

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Lose Teeth Guide↵
Read the WHOLE thing, it's very interesting and helpful and not that long

you may think your teeth are ready to come out. your teeth, though, are not ready to fall out until they have the falling symptoms:
  • Feels like a pebble or piece of corn that is not attached to your gum
  • You can push it back enough to see dark red under the tooth
  • You can feel discomfort in the gum below your tooth even when you're not touching it
If your tooth has all the symptoms, it is ready to come out soon. You can let it come out on its own, which is highly recommended, or pull it out.

BEFORE pulling out your tooth, you should loosen it up a bit more. If you are going to pull it, it will only make it easier if the tooth is looser. Crunch on a hard carrot or cracker (apples can be too hard). If your tooth falls out then, your lucky! You didn't have to pull it out! Otherwise, it will definitely be looser and easier to pull.

Here are 5 ways to pull out your tooth. Do Not Pull Out Your Tooth until you finish reading this blog, there is more info you should know before pulling. Anyway, here are the 12 ways:

  1. Yank it out with your finger, if it had all the symptoms written above, it shouldn't be too hard, pulling out a tooth that is not lose enough can cause major gum damage and bleeding and your adult teeth could come out he wrong way. Ask your doctor or school nurse if you can, before pulling your tooth. They will know better if it is ready.
  2. Bite something hard, such as an apple
  3. Ask someone to pull it out for you (your dentist is the best option)
  4. tie string around it and attach it to the doorknob, then have someone yank the door open
  5. put a tissue on your tooth and use your finger to wiggle your tooth so hard it falls out
All of those look painful, am I right? If your tooth is lose enough it should barely hurt at all but it will still hurt. You are forcing your tooth out, ripping it out of your gum (except the biting hard foods way). It will probably bleed if you remove it forcibly. It is definitely best to let it come out on its own. If your tooth bleeds when it comes out you should rinse your mouth with water and hold a cotton ball on it if you have one.

Most painless way to force out your tooth:
If you don't want to bite an apple or pull it with your finger, a better option is to eat something chewy. Chewy things pull out the tooth for you and don't hurt. That's how I lost a super-lose tooth that I was freaking out about. It just came out when I was eating something chewy. Chewy foods can include certain candy bars (milky ways, snickers...), protein bars, gum, and whatever else you can think of that's chewy.

The Best Option:
Let your tooth come out on its own. It will probably not hurt at all, or just a little. It is less stressfull and your gums have almost no chance of being damaged.

Can you choke on a lose tooth while you're sleeping?
If you have a very lose tooth and are scared it will fall out while you're asleep and you'll choke on it, don't worry! Your tooth has almost no chance of falling out while you're asleep. I suspect you wiggled and stared at it all day, if it didn't come out then, it won't come out if you're just breathing on it! During the day is when you could accidently swallow your tooth, most likely while eating. It will probably come out while you eat and you won't notice because you'll think it's a piece of food. Be more careful as you eat.

Stories of some of the teeth I've lost:
  • The first time I lost a tooth, I was 3 and I fell off the playground equipment at my pre-school. I smashed my mouth on the metal bar at the bottom and lost my 2 front teeth (the new ones didn't come until I was 8 or 9)
  • When I was in first grade I lost a tooth in a very harmless way. I was eating a snack and I chewed on something hard. I didn't know what it was so I spit out the food and threw it out. Then I realized I had a missing tooth so I fished my tooth out of the trash can. No blood at all.
  • When I was in third grade and I was 9 years old, I had my first adult teeth, 2 front teeth on top and on bottom. I was riding my bike down a hill and I dumbly decided to go as fast as I could. I was going very fast, too fast. I was going to go into a busy street so I slightly turned to the left, about to hit a parked car. I pulled all 3 breaks on my bike and went flying off my bike and skidding across the street. I stayed there, dazed for a moment. I gradually got up. I looked down and saw that I was completely covered in blood, and the worst part was what happened to my teeth. 3 of the 4 adult teeth I had were broken in half. In conclusion, I got them filled at the dentist and I still have a bunch of scars.
  • The last 2 or 3 times I lost my teeth, I went in the wrong direction. I freaked out for half an hour trying to wiggle or pull them out. It was painful.

Now I have 2 lose teeth. Both very lose, almost hanging. One has the symptoms to be pulled out, but I won't pull it. When it comes out I might add it as a story, if it's interesting.

Stories of people on PMC who lost teeth in interesting ways and told me their story:
Person who told me on PMCTheir story
snowyalice Once I bit into some bread and my tooth came out. XD Once, part of my tooth was ready to come out and the other wasn't. So when I wiggled it, only part of it came out, but the other half came out later the other day
shinyblue99I was once just walking through Blackpool with the family, and my tooth came out. just like that.
TheEnderCat5My story: When I was 6 or so I was wiggling my tooth and it just randomly fell out.
When I was 9 I was eating popcorn and it fell out.
When I was 10 it randomly fell out when I was reading in bed.
eijii was 9 i accidentaly swalowed my teeth when im chewing a chocolate and then i swalow the choclate and l didnt notice that my tooth come out.
FriskOnce upon a time, I was playing Dodgeball. (You must be thinking: Oooh that must be painful! But no.) I was out, so I began wiggling my tooth. It suddenly became super loose and there was blood all over my fingers. I went to the bathroom with a friend and washed up and pulled my tooth out. After I went back to my class to put it away. Then I went back outside to continue playing... dodgeball!
The_Big_Dish I was telling my friend a few weeks ago how teeth falling out when you are a kid seems so weird now that I am an adult.

I can't really remember how I lost most of mine but I rememmber getting REALLY good at removing them. I think the only interesting thing that happened once was I took out 2 loose teeth at once in the bathroom because they were both annoying me.

Another time I like just had one hanging by like a small peice of flesh and it was super gross, I can't remember it well honestly, I think I just pulled it out.
EZAwesomenessMy story: i was 9 i accidentaly swalowed my teeth when im chewing a chocolate and then i swalow the choclate and l didnt notice that my tooth come out...

But nothing happens bad. :)
FennecFoxMy stories: I was eating brownie batter, then I got some milk, I drank the milk, and the current pushed my tooth out, I thought it was a big chunk of chocolate so I spit it out... If it wasn't for my picky-ness I would have swallowed it. :P Another story: I was at my grandma's and she is a nurse, she made me pull at my tooth all day, I was literally to tears, one time she said, 'here, let me try and pull it out, when you say stop, i'll stop pulling.' So her long finger nails dug into my gum, which was extremely painful, and I yelled stop and screamed, but she didn't stop. XD Another story: It was thanksgiving, and I decided i wanted a hotdog, I bit into it, and my front tooth came out, I looked at the hotdog, and there it was, a wedged tooth sticking out of the side... YOUR WELCOME! <3
WitherBane19my story (and yes i will admit i was stupid) i was eating a pork sandwich and i decided i wanted some water. i got the glass of water to my mouth. i did it fast and i hit my tooth on the glass and then my tooth fell in the water and turned it red.
Yellowstonermy story:
it was a nice day i noticed that i had a loose tooth i ate an apple something bad happend and you know what..
apple + loose tooth = bad
SM64 BowserOne time, a long long ago, i lost a few teeth in the worst way possible.
It all started when i didnt look both ways, and sure the driver did stop right before i got REALLY injured, but i was still hit. A TON of my teeth came flying out, the ones that stayed were all broken up, and also it wasnt just myy teeth, my head and stomach were hurting like crazy! And finally my leg broke. XD
Moral of the story: Look both ways before you cross the street kids!
HeyItsHeroIt was about 9 minutes ago, I was reading the one where it said "Put a tissue on your tooth", wiggle it, then it popped out. (thanks by the way)
Sugar DollI was 9, and swimming in the pool, I opened my mouth to blow bubbles, and my tooth came out with it, I couldn't find it though.

Tell me your story\!

If you don't have a lose tooth but think this would be helpful when you get one or for other people, save the link or favorite it so you can see it again later.

I hope this was helpful.

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12/10/2017 1:08 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
CatieTheCat avatar
I remember when I was about 5 years old, my front tooth was dangling. This was my second tooth to fall out, so it was still a very scary experience. My mom, dad, and sister sat by my side while I held my stuffed bunny and screched "nO!!!! dON dO Et!!!" My mom eventually just grabbed my face and pulled it out. No blood.

Another time, my third tooth, I was still five, and in my Kindergarten class. I was eating pretzels, and a biiiiiiiig chunk was suddenly in my mouth. Since I was not disturbed by picking random things out of my mouth, I grabbed it and went "Oh... oH!" And yelled for my teacher. The end.
12/01/2017 3:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gamer2345679 avatar
Just now, this tooth was hanging and it was soooo painful I felt I was going to explode. I yelled for mom to pull it out and guess what? It worked. It feels so wierd that gap being there. That was my story.
12/01/2017 3:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gamer2345679 avatar
Btw plz add it
11/04/2017 4:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LenaPikachu1 avatar
Once I was 8 or 9 and while i was doing homework i was flicking my tooth and it came out surprisingly! I was so happy i was like "Dad! Dad! I lost my tooth!" It barely hurted i think but it still was bleeding a lot.
11/04/2017 8:23 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Enderdragon
Butterflycraft978 avatar
10/03/2017 7:44 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
AlexMix14 avatar
My mom was sick of waiting for me to pull my tooth out so she tied a string on my tooth and in the morning she woke me up and before I realized what she was up to, she pulled the string really hard. Guess what? From there if I have a loose tooth I don't let it sit over night.
11/04/2017 8:24 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Enderdragon
Butterflycraft978 avatar
hahaha ouch!
03/30/2017 6:48 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hepoxni avatar
Once, before I read this, at snack time at school, i had a really wiggly molar and, i ate a blue air head and my tooth popped out!! I still have the blue tooth.
03/04/2017 10:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
HamiltonTrash_ avatar
At the moment, I have a loose tooth. I have to lose that one in order to get braces. thing is, I kinda don't want braces but loose teeth other me so much. I read a couple of things to pull out your teeth but they didn't work. It's been loose since November. I'll try the tissue method :D Story: When I was nine, my mom wanted to check out my loose tooth. I didn't want her to pull it out, I just wanted to show her that I could turn it 180 degrees. She touched it and it fell out.
02/16/2017 12:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Rainbo_Gamez avatar
Yo! I have a really loose tooth and it my huge molar!!!
I want to pull it as i can wiggle it with my tounge butttt.;..
Its stuck to my gum and constantly causing meh pain!!! Can anyone tell me a sullution!? i cant chew food because its that bad !!!!!

ive tried parecetamol but that wont do!!!!!! If you push it out a bit is it supposed to make a crunching noise?????????????????? HELP ME PLEASE IM IN AGONY!!!!!
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