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MerryR's: Interview with Ambience and Felll! { Advice For Skinners }

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avatar MerryRainbow
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Have you every felt a little down on your skins? Well, don't worry because today I have 2 special guests to teach you some basic info on themselves and how they skin! This can be very helpful for people who want to start out but don't know what to do so let's get started and know a little bit about these interviewees

Name: Felll

Horoscope: Scorpio
Allows Requests: Please inquire!

Name: Ambience (Or Kate)

Horoscope: Not Identified
Allows Requests: Please inquire!

So now you know a little bit about them I do recommend to check them out, they make awesome skins that I'm sure you'll like. Now time for the questions..

1.) Where do you get your inspiration from?

Most of the time I look at other people's skins and just stare and wish I could be that good xD
but then I go and try to mix and match colors in the editor, and I can kinda create everything else off the colors I pick so I guess I get my inspiration from the colors ??

My inspiration comes from fashion from around the 1950s/60s and also I also cant help myself from taking aspects from my surroundings.

2.)How can you gain more attention through skinning?

I think developing a shading is good, and always on improving it but I think that to gain attention you also need to design skins people would want to use, and several times I've noticed that skins I like aren't what the public always prefers, so I usually use those as my personal skin instead cx
so I guess try to be original but still stay in the lines of what the majority likes to see, if that makes sense xD
also, making cute things always helps bunny ears and flower crowns are personal favorite of mine C;

You can gain more attention through skinning by being original and being yourself.

3.)Joining Competitions is another way to gain attention
If so, How can we create skins that appeal to the judges?

I've only been in two contests, and neither of them were official PMC contests but I think
something that fits the theme that's maybe a little outside the box is a good idea, and using colors that go well together, and finding a shading style you enjoy in general are all ways to help yourself get to the next round, or get a place I suppose ;o

Again this also has to do with your originality and yourself, judges look for originality and something new in your work when you make skins for contests.

4.) How do you get more people to subscribe for your work?

I think if you make skins that are noticeable and attractive you'll get more subscribers, but I don't think numbers really count, quality does.

People in my opinion look for something that that haven't seen before in skins, and it really attracts people by the originality and amount of time you put into your work.

5.)How can you learn and improve more as a skinner?
I think you just need to look at the way you shade and make your skins in general and change what you don't like, and improve on the things you do
and when you're stuck in a rut and aren't liking how you're making the skin, you can always ask other skinners for advise, and if they can see anything that should be changed
if you ever are having trouble and need a bit of advise, feel free to talk to me ;o

Well I started out as an extremely poor skinner in quality, and you build up your skills overtime, you can do this by trying something new and after a while of repeating that process you can get a style that you like and the other people in the PMC community enjoy

6.)How can you produce quality content while still producing skins fast enough to quench your audience's thirst?

I think the most important thing to do though is to take your time, and perfect what needs to be. Don't get your hopes up though, even when you're semi-popular, some skins you worked pretty hard on aren't going to get a whole lot of attention, and that's OK, but keep producing content and you'll get better and better. Now I'm wondering if it's bad that I put making skins quickly behind quality cx

I like to have a range of other skins I made previously in my access, so when I need to post I dont have to make up a skin in the limited time that I have.

7.)What in general can you say for those people who want to get into skinning?

I think no matter what, you should keep trying
maybe your skins aren't getting as much attention as you want, but don't leave because of that
make that the reason you try even harder, and keep pushing forward through the rut
eventually, if you keep developing your skills and working hard, you'll get noticed more, and even more and if you're not into the whole attention thing (like me) or feel like taking a break because you're getting bored, or are out of inspiration it's OK to do that, in fact, if you feel like you need it, do it. But a lot of the time, if I'm gone for a week or two, I want to come back because I miss you guys so much and I have my inspiration back and I can make skins pretty regularly. So I guess I'm trying to say, work through the tough spots, but if you really need it, take a break

Believe in yourself and in your capability in skinning, if you keep trying and trying you'll get a skin style you really enjoy and hopefully everyone will enjoy as well.

So... very big thank you to to Kate and Felll for participating in this lovely interview! Please check the links below for their profiles!
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Hope you enjoyed this interview and I hope you do apply the advice of both Felll and Ambience for your skin techniques! Make sure to...
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That's it for now..
Peace Out!
CreditAll Questions And Corrections Made By MerryRainbow

08/19/2016 11:58 pm
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I'm amazed by all the support I've been getting from this one blog :)
Thank you all who simply left a diamond or favorited ♥
Please check out my other stuff too like my What Makes Me A Minecrafter!
Thank you once again ;)
08/18/2016 10:53 am
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Great advice
08/16/2016 6:51 pm
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It was amazing being interviewed, thank you for picking me over so many other amazing skinners ;w;
08/03/2016 12:17 pm
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oml this is amazing, thank you so much for the interview c;
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