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Minecraft "Before The Human" Part 2

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DanialCP avatar DanialCP
Level 56 : Grandmaster Sheep
By DanialCraftPlayz

Theory By Farnam91

Discord =

today i want to tell a story about how wither create so lets go

maybe you say mojang add it yea?

but its wrong

this is story about wither

can you remember i said before you was humans in the game?

some of their friend die

and the try to find a way to respawn them!

they ask witch for the way

and witch says :

put them in nether

their soul go in the soul sand

and put wither skeleton skulls on top

they accept

but a monster spawned and his name was wither

and the ran away
some go in ships
some in end
in ships become drowned
some in portal
but died

and in end

they become enderman

and some die

so this is the end


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