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Skin Idea's Form

1: What's or Minecraft or PMC name?
2: What's your idea for a skin?
3: Will you accept the skin how it is? (dont just say yes, keep a promise)

This blog is dedicated to review all of Minecraft, Planet Minecraft, and more. To find me, meet me at the server of Gazamo.

Server Reviews

Gazamo is by far the greatest server on Planet Minecraft. My first impressions was that the server was big, and it is. It is by far the largest server I have visited. It is also the most organized server I have ever seen, yet the amount of traffic attracts griefers, which is a major problem with this server. Resulting in a ranking of 9.5/10

Texture Pack Reviews

Broken into 3 different versions, Dokucraft brings in that medieval atmosphere into Minecraft, and more variety. Using 32x32 pixel art, Dokucraft also helps take away that scrambled pixellation feeling from the game. Giving it a full 10/10

Jolicraft is not my favorite type of texture pack. It's fancier, yet still feels like... Minecraft. Minecraft can be shaped into anything, yet Jolicraft pretty much give the game that usual... blocky feeling. So I must give Jolicraft a 6/10

Painterly Pack: The Yogbox Edition
Only available by using the Yogbox, this texture pack is very colorful and diverse. I recommend those who like 16x16 texture packs like Jolicraft, but want a brighter atmosphere. As a result, Painterly Pack: The Yogbox Edition gets an 8/10

The Gazamo Texture Pack
Honestly, I expected more. I liked the block setup, but i couldn't tell which is which when looking at the items in my hand. I get it that it's a 16x16, but i couldn't tell if a cookie was a book or an Oreo, or if a lever was an off redstone torch. It pains me to give the Gazamo Texture pack a 3/10


SDK's Mods
SDK's mods is one of my favorite mods. Guns, block traps, better TNT, SDK has created a great mod pack. However, when firing a rocket launcher, it appears the rockets keep phasing through the floor, a major bug. IT also appears to be a mod that Notch may not be making it officially a part of Minecraft. Setting that aside, I am giving SDK's Mods a 9/10

Flan's WWII Guns Pack
Two things I like. World War 2, and guns. Put that together in Minecraft and I'm happy. To create the guns, you must create a special weapon box to craft said guns, depending on the type of nation you want your guns from. Resulting in a full 10/10

Flan's Plane Mod
Where to begin with this mod. A variety of planes, engines, explosives, what more would you want? With the addition of Anti-Aircraft Machine Guns, this mod really brings in that warfare element into Minecraft. However, the crafting of the plane is difficult without knowing the recipe from the Minecraft Forum page. In the end, the Plane Mod recieves a 9/10

Flan's Vehicle Mod
I respect the idea of land vehicles being brought into minecraft, but if you have a Plane Mod, you would find it unnecessary. Even with the addition of tanks, I just don't feel it. However, I would recommend this if you don't like the crafting of planes from plane mods, giving the Vehicle mod an 8.5/10

Should I call it a mod? Or should I call it a revolution in Minecraft? It's not a mod itself, but a mod installer. No more going into the minecraft.jar to install a mod, just click install and Modcraft automatically installs a mod within seconds. However, most mods do not operate without crashing your minecraft, which is something the creator needs to sort out. Giving Modcraft an 7/10

The Yogbox
The Yogbox is by-far the most elaborate mod pack i have ever seen. Still being developed, but available to download on the Yogiverse, Lewis or Xephos has made in my opinion the best mod pack I've ever seen. But I think more mods, if possible, should still be added. Either way, the Yogbox gets a full 10/10

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Doomlord720 06/28/2011 10:03:17 amJun 28th, 2011

Now I am making skins. However, not just a skin for people to troll for, a skin someone asks me for. I will put up a submissions form on the blog and commentators will get their skins posted on Planet Minecraft

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