5 basic Minecraft commands! By FrostFoxYT

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Hey guys, It's FrostFox again! Today I will be showing you how to use commands! To start off I will show you some of the basics and then go to the harder or more complex commands to the end. These commands only work on PC minecraft v1.12.2. I will be adding to this blog frequently and I hope these commands help you. If it helps you please leave a diamond to show your support and if you really want to then make sure to subscribe! Untill then I will seeya later.

To use these commands you will either have to put them in your chat. To open chat you will need to press t by default that button opens chat. if the command is really long you may have to put it in a command block. to obtain a command block you will need to type one of these three options in chat.

/give <username> command block Whoever's username you have will get a command block.

/give @p command block This command will give the nearest player a command block.

/give @a command block This command will give all players a command block.

1. /give
/give is a command that gives a player or multiple players a item or block. the command is
/give <player name or @...> <item or block> <number>
the <player name or @...> in this sentence has to be either a player's minecraft username or a @p or @a. @a is all player so if you did /give @a torch 64 (it would give all players in that specific world a item or block. The <item or block> is the spot where you put the block or item name. don't forget that if the item or block has a space in it you need to replace that space with an underscore ( _ ). This is very important.

2. /weather
/weather is a very basic command. I only included it just in case anyone didn't know it but I am pretty sure most people will already know this one. there are four current different weather choices such as clear, rain, lightning and snow. The commands are
/weather clear
/weather rain
/weather lightning
/weather snow

3. /time set
/time set is another very easy command that again I think everyone knows. but I will explain it anyway. /time set sets the time in your word which most of you probably would have guessed. there are a two ways you could do it . The first way is to write a number. That number sets what time of day it is for instance
/time set 1300
that would set it to sunset but there is (in my opinion) an easier way
/time set sunset
this would make it sunset just like the /time set 1300 command would do. here are all the main times.

/time set day
/time set 0

/time set night
/time set 1800

/time set sunset
/time set 1200

4. /setblock
This command places or replaces a block in the world. the command is

/setblock <x> <y> <z> <block>
the <x>, <y> and <z> are co-ordinates. the co-ordinates show where you want to place the block. you can see co-ordinates/ <x>, <y>, <z> if you press "f3" on a windows computer. "f3" will open a little bit of hidden text in minecraft. This hidden text shows things such as FPS, co-ordinates and North, south East, West directions. "f3" is used a lot when commanding. The <block> is where you put the block name for example

/setblock -78 5 -1300 oak_planks

If there are block names that have a space in them such as Oak planks you would replace the space with an underscore ( _ ). This goes with items too.

5. /effect
/effect is a command that gives the user a ability or potions effect. it works quiet similarly to /give but /give can only give items or blocks. Where as /effect can give effects these effects can be bad and good effects such as instant health or instant damage. there are many effects in fact there are even more effects even if there isn't a potion that gives you that effect doesn't mean you can't use it. of you have ever been to the nether you might have seen one of those big black skeletons with a stone sword.When those guys hit a player that player gets an effect called 'wither effect' the effect is a bit like poisen but instead of your hearts going green like they would when you have poisen they go black. if you get this effect you will start taking damage constantly every few seconds you will loose about half a heart. this effect isn't possible to use by potion but if you use the /effect command you can give players the effect. the command is

/effect <username or @a or @p> haste <tear> <duration>

The part where it says <tear> is how strong the effect is such as haste 1 would be good but if you wanted it to be more efficient you could do haste 5. The text that says <duration> is how long you want the effect to last. the number you write will be in seconds so if you write 100 it will last 100 seconds. So you want the number to be Fairly long. If you want to get rid of the effect without having to wait for ages you can drink some milk and it will clear all effects. Here is an example

/effect FrostFoxYT Haste 5 10000

I hope you find this helpful! comment what commands I should do next and stay tuned because I will be adding to this every now and then. good luck with your commanding!
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