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Minecraft History!
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Minecraft 1.16
Release date: June 5, 2020 [Release Date Confirmed by me!]
New Blocks

Bee nests
Ancient debris
- Can be found throughout the Nether at any altitude, though it is much more common at lower levels.
- Can be refined into a netherite scrap by smelting in a furnace or blast furnace.
- Same blast resistance as obsidian.
Crimson and warped fungi
- Generate in crimson and warped forests, respectively.
- Can be placed on dirt, coarse dirt, farmland, podzol, nylium, soul soil, and grass blocks.
- Bone meal can be used on fungi to grow it into the respective huge fungi when placed on nylium.
Crimson and warped planks
- Does not burn.
- Crafted from the respective stem.
- Can be used to craft respective slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, buttons, doors and trapdoors.
Crimson and warped roots
- Foliage that generates in both crimson and warped forest biomes, as well as soul sand valleys.
- Emits a light level of 15, similarly to glowstone.
- Can be mined with any tool, but axes are the most efficient.
Soul fire
- Blue variant of fire.
- Fire lit on soul soil turns into soul fire regardless of dimension.
Soul soil
- Generates in the soul sand valley, alongside conventional soul sand.
- Fire lit on soul soil is soul fire.
New items
Netherite scrap
- Created by smelting ancient debris in a furnace or blast furnace.
- Used to create netherite ingots.
Netherite armor
- Crafted with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
- Does not burn in lava, as a dropped item or when worn (players equipping netherite armor, however, can still take burning damage).
- Floats in lava.
Netherite axe, hoe, pickaxe, shovel, and sword
- Crafted with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
- Does not burn in lava.
- Floats in lava.
New mobs
- Spawn in crimson forests.
- Attack players on sight.
- Drop raw porkchop and occasionally leather.
- Have an adult and baby variant.
- Spawn in crimson forests and nether wastes biomes.
- Randomly spawns with golden sword or crossbow.
- Adults are hostile; babies are passive.
- Attack wither skeletons.
- Avoid soul fire, soul fire torches, soul fire lanterns, and zombie pigmen.
- Prefer to hunt and fight in groups.
Minecraft 1.15.2
Release date: January 21, 2020
Bug fixes and changes
- Fixed a bug where bees that move in a certain object (minecart or boat) can no longer get out of the hive after entering it.
- Fixed: Custom item textures could have a dark texture instead of the set one.
- Fixed: Concrete powder did not convert into concrete at great depth.
- Fixed: Loom interface patterns had too dark texture.
- Fixed: Ender Crystal could have an incorrect texture on one side.
- Added doPatrolSpawningand doTraderSpawning rules responsible for spawning of patrols and traders, respectively.
Minecraft 1.15.1
Release date: December 17, 2019
If you are experiencing problems with the game to version 1.15, just for you developers have released a new version of Minecraft 1.15.1, which improved game performance and bug fixes.
Bug fixes and changes
- In a multiplayer game improved processing error identifiers biome.
- Drawing chunks began to work better, due to the optimization of blocks with a large number of statuses.
- Fixed NullPointerException error when processing block model.
- The anvil could cause a crash with the java.lang.StackOverflowError error.
- Fixed spam in the log file of the game when using a spawner.
Minecraft 1.15
Release date: December 10, 2019
New Blocks
Bee nests
- Let's start with the Bee nest. They can be found in flower forests and on 2 types of plains.
- The amount of honey in the nest will increase as the bees return back to the nest, also, the number of honey can be estimated by the texture of the nest, there are 5 levels.
- To harvest honey, you need to click the RMB on the nest with an empty flask, at the same time, you should ”stupefy” the bees putting a source of smoke, such as a fire, under the nest, otherwise the bees will be aggressive and kill you.
- Also, you can collect honeycombs from the nests with scissors, simply by clicking the RMB on the nest. You should not break the Bee nest, as the bees will become aggressive towards you, and even the fire will not help.
Bee hives
- Let’s proceed to the Bee hive. To craft it, we need: 6 planks of any type and 3 honeycombs.
- An alternative to the Bee nest. It has the same properties as the nest, but the hive can be broken with an axe, and it will drop, and the nest will drop only when it is destroyed by the tool with the Silk Touch enchantment.
New items
Honey bottle
- Suitable for consumption, restores 6 hunger points. Used to craft sugar, in the amount of 3 pieces.
- Can be obtained by clicking the RMB on the nest or hive. Used in crafting Bee hive.
Bee spawn egg
- Used to spawn adult and baby bees.
New mobs
- Has 10 health points. They live in groups near the hives and nests. Avoids any contact with water, so if the bee is aggressive, you can hide under water for a while.
- If you attack the hive or the bee, all the bees nearby will attack you, similar to wolves, also changing the texture:
- If the bee attacks you nevertheless, then you will receive the Poison status effect for 10 seconds, and after some time (about 50-60 seconds) the attacking bee dies from the loss of a sting:
- Bees can be bred using different flowers, also they will follow you if you hold a flower in your hands. The growth of the plant can accelerate with some chance after bee pollination of the flower.
Minecraft 1.14.4
Release date: July 19, 2019
- There is a new splash in the game menu: "Ping the human!"
- A new function-permission-level function is added to the server.properties configuration file, which is used to determine the rights on functions.
- The /debug report command displays more information about the game performance.
- The Pillager’s hand texture was changed.
- The villagers find their way through obstacles better.
- Foliage detalisation has become better.
- Fixed screen blur bug on MacOS.
- Fixed a mouse sensitivity issue.
- Improved game performance (FPS).
- Many other changes.
Minecraft 1.14.3
Release date: June 24, 2019
- FPS and game stability improved in general.
- The /gamerule disableRaids command can cease attacks on villages.
- Fixed server crash due to some bugs in the game.
- Fixed villagers reproduction without beds.
- The /kill command now works correctly
- Two new translations of the game: Gothic and Bashkir.
- Many other changes.
Minecraft 1.14.2
Release date: May 27, 2019
- Fixed a problem with missing mobs and items.
- Fixed an issue with missing sounds when performing an action.
- The problem with the Beacon is fixed..
- The radius of detection of raids by the Bell is increased.
- Fixed the problem with some fonts.
Minecraft 1.14.1
Release date: May 13, 2019
- Pressing Esc while holding F3 will pause the game without bringing up the pause menu.
- Added the following splash texts: "Awesome game design right there!", "Ph1lza had a good run!", "10 years of Mining and Crafting!".
- Can now be lit by flaming arrows.
Crafting table
- Updated texture to fix incorrect planks texture.
Iron ore
- Changed texture to fix miscolored pixels.
Iron horse armor
- Tweaked colors slightly.
Leather horse armor
- Changed texture to be more consistent with the other types of horse armor.
World generation
- Many structures are tweaked to have better lighting.
- Village generation will have slight differences from 1.14
Minecraft 1.14
Release date: April 23, 2019
- Bamboo
-- Can be found scattered around jungles and in large clusters in bamboo jungles.
-- Can be found in shipwrecks and jungle temples.
-- Dropped by pandas when killed, or can be obtained when fishing in jungle biomes.
-- Can be eaten by pandas, used as fuel (four bamboo can smelt one item), or planted inside a flower pot.
-- Can be used to craft sticks and scaffolding.
- Barrels
-- Act as a storage unit, with the inventory of a chest.
-- Can be crafted using 6 planks, and 2 wood slabs.
-- Generate in village fisher cottages.
-- Act as the Fisherman villager's job site.
-- Can be filled by droppers and filled and emptied by hoppers.
- Bells
-- Play a swinging animation and a sound when right-clicked.
-- Generate in village meeting points.
-- Can be anchored to top and bottom block, as well as walls, with different texture for each.
-- Hitting a bell during a raid applies the glowing effect to raiding illagers within 32 blocks of it.
-- Hitting a bell will wake nearby sleeping villagers.
- Blast furnaces
-- New furnace upgrade that allows for the smelting of ores and melting of metals faster than the traditional furnace.
-- Can be crafted using 3 smooth stone, 1 furnace, and 5 iron ingots.
-- Generate in village armorer houses.
-- Act as the Armorer villager's job site.
-- Have support for hopper and dropper inputs and outputs.
- Campfires
-- Generate in taiga villages.
-- Decorative fireplace without fire spread.
-- Can be crafted with 3 sticks, 1 coal or charcoal, and 3 wood or logs, stripped or unstripped, of any wood type.
-- Cooks up to four food items, but 3 times slower than a furnace (30 seconds).
-- Emits a new type of particle, a smoke signal that can be seen from a longer distance than normal particles.
-- Emits a light level of 15.
-- Repeatedly deals 1Half Heart.svg damage when walked on.
- Cartography tables
-- Can be crafted with 2 paper and 4 wooden planks.
-- UI visualizes the function of the recipes.
-- Generate in village cartographer houses.
-- Act as the Cartographer villager's job site.
- Composter
-- Block that converts crops and plants into bone meal.
-- Crafted using 4 wooden fences and 3 planks of any type.
-- Generate in village farms.
-- Act as the Farmer villager's job site.
- Fletching tables
-- Generate in village fletcher houses.
-- Can be crafted with 4 planks and 2 flint.
-- Act as the Fletcher villager's job site.
- Flowers
-- Added cornflower.
-- Added lily of the valley.
-- Added wither rose.
- Grindstones
-- Craftable with 2 sticks, a stone slab, and 2 planks.
-- Generate in village weaponsmiths.
-- Act as the Weaponsmith villager's job site.
-- Have a GUI with 2 input slots and 1 output slot.
-- Can be placed on the top, bottom, or side of a block.
- Jigsaw blocks
-- A technical block.
-- Not obtainable in survival mode or the creative inventory.
-- Is a 'junction' block that will allow the player to construct structures out of smaller templates.
- Lanterns
-- New light source.
-- A feature originally planned for the Alpha Halloween Update.
-- Crafted with 8 iron nuggets surrounding 1 torch.
-- Generate in snowy villages.
-- Can be placed either hanging under or on top of a block.
-- Give slightly more light than a torch.
- Lecterns
-- Were an idea originally scrapped from 2012.
-- Can be crafted from slabs and bookshelves.
-- Right-click empty lectern to place book.
-- Book can be removed from it.
-- Emits redstone pulses when page is changed.
-- Generate in village libraries.
-- Act as the Librarian villager's job site.
- Looms
-- Can be crafted with 2 string on top of 2 planks.
-- Generate in village shepherd houses.
-- Act as the Shepherd villager's job site.
-- Easier way to apply patterns to banners: the purpose is to color and design banners, which was previously done in the crafting grid.
-- Have a slot for a banner, a dye and a banner pattern.
-- These patterns don't consume the pattern item when used in the loom.
-- Available banner patterns are shown as a list.
- Note blocks
-- Added 6 new note block sounds: "Iron Xylophone", "Cow Bell", "Didgeridoo", "Bit", "Banjo", and "Pling".
- Scaffolding
-- A new, quickly climbable block that can be crafted using bamboo and string.
-- The player can build a pillar of scaffolding by just pressing use on the top face of a scaffolding block, as well as place scaffolding to the side.
-- The entire structure breaks when the bottom block is broken.
-- Can be placed 6 blocks out from its base of support without falling.
- Signs
-- Added spruce, birch, acacia, jungle, and dark oak signs: signs now come in all different wood types.
-- Sign text's color can now be changed by right-clicking them with any of the 16 dyes.
- Slabs
-- Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, cut sandstone, smooth red sandstone, cut red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick slabs.
- Smithing Tables
-- Generate in village toolsmith houses.
-- Can be crafted with 4 planks and 2 iron ingots.
-- Act as the Toolsmith villager's job site.
- Smokers
-- New furnace upgrade that allows for the cooking of foods faster than the traditional furnace.
-- Can be crafted using 4 logs and 1 furnace.
-- Generate in village butcher shops.
-- Act as the Butcher villager's job site.
-- Have support for hopper and dropper inputs and outputs.
- Stairs
-- Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick stairs.
- Stonecutters
-- Can be used as a simpler way to craft various stone variants (stairs, slabs, bricks, walls, chiseled, etc).
-- Can be crafted with 3 stone blocks and 1 iron ingot.
-- Generate in village mason houses.
-- Act as the Mason villager's job site.
- Sweet berry bushes
-- Commonly found in Taiga, Taiga Hills, and Taiga Mountains biomes.
-- Rarely found in Snowy Taiga, Snowy Taiga Hills and Snowy Taiga Mountains biomes.
-- Can be planted from sweet berries.
- Walls
-- Added brick, andesite, diorite, granite, prismarine, stone brick, mossy stone brick, sandstone, red sandstone, nether brick, red nether brick, and end stone brick walls.
- General
-- Added a new tag for item forms of blocks called BlockStateTag.
- Banner patterns
-- Crafted with paper and their associated items.
-- New "Globe" banner pattern, with no associated item.
- Crossbows
-- Crafted from string, iron ingots, sticks, and tripwire hooks.
-- Can be used as a weapon similar to bows.
-- Can be used to shoot firework rockets by holding the crossbow in one hand and fireworks in the other.
-- Can be enchanted with new enchantments:
-- Its arrows deal 6Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg to 11Heart.svg × 5.5 damage.
- Dyes
-- Added blue dye, brown dye, black dye and white dye.
- Leather horse armor
-- Added leather horse armor in Java Edition.
-- Crafted from 7 leather.
-- Can be dyed 12,326,391 different colors, similar to leather armor.
- Spawn eggs
-- Cat spawn egg.
-- Fox spawn egg.
-- Panda spawn egg.
-- Pillager spawn egg.
-- Ravager spawn egg.
-- Trader llama spawn egg.
-- Wandering Trader spawn egg.
- Suspicious stew
-- Found in shipwreck supply chests.
-- Can be crafted with a red and brown mushroom, a bowl and any flower.
-- Cannot be obtained in the creative inventory.
- Sweet berries
-- Fill 2 (Hunger.svg) hunger points.
-- Can be planted in the ground and will grow into sweet berry bushes.
- Cats
-- Have 10 Heart
-- Drop 0–2 string.
-- Typically found wandering around villages as strays.
-- Black cats can spawn in witch huts.
-- Untamed cats can despawn.
-- Have 8 new skins, one being chosen by the community.
-- Scare off phantoms, and will hiss at them.
-- Cat collars can now be dyed.
- Foxes
-- Nocturnal mobs which sleep in the morning and are awake at night.
-- Drop nothing when killed.
-- Will pick up dropped food items with their mouth.
-- Are attacked by wild wolves (but run faster).
-- May spawn wandering around villages at night.
-- A white variant spawns in snowy taiga.
- Pandas
-- Have 20Heart.svg × 10 health. 10Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg health for weak pandas.
-- Drop 1 bamboo when killed (not affected by Looting).
-- They are usually passive.
-- They spawn in bamboo forests inside jungles.
-- Sometimes roll and sit on hind legs.
-- When hit, nearby villagers will display the angry villager particles.
- Pillagers
-- They are hostile mobs, considered a subset of illagers.
-- Have 24Heart.svg × 12 health.
-- They wield crossbows.
-- Drop their crossbows when killed (affected by Looting).
-- They will raid, or take over, villages, killing villagers.
- Ravagers
-- Have 100Heart.svg × 50 health.
-- Have 100% knockback resistance when hit.
-- Destroy crops and leaves.
-- Attack villagers, iron golems and wandering traders.
-- Drop a saddle when killed (100% of the time, not affected by Looting).
- Trader llamas
-- Have 15Heart.svg × 7.5 to 30Heart.svg × 15 health.
-- Spawn in pairs alongside a wandering trader.
-- Are hostile towards all illagers (except for ravagers) and all zombie variants.
-- Drop 1 lead when killed (100% of the time, not affected by Looting).
- Wandering traders
-- Have 20Heart.svg × 10 health.
-- Found in random places around the world. Only one will spawn in the world with two trader llamas and within a 48-block radius of a player.
-- After one in-game day, the game will begin to attempt to spawn a wandering trader once per in-game day.
-- Spawn attempt chance increases with each failed attempt: Initially it will start out at 2.5%, then 5%, and then finally cap out at 7.5%.
Minecraft 1.13.2
Release date: October 22, 2018
- Improved performance of upgrading worlds.
- Improved performance of turtle pathfinding.
- Improved startup time.
- Improved mob spawning performance.
- Other general performance improvements.
Minecraft 1.13.1
Release date: August 22, 2018
- Re-added punch-to-explode TNT using the unstable state (instead of the explode state before 17w47a).
- Added dead coral.
- New statistics.
- Added Ctrl+F3+C to force a JVM crash, instead of a regular crash. However, with some keyboards it only triggers with right control.
- Added a search bar to the world list.
- Added a concept of force-loaded chunks to the game, and a command (/forceload) to toggle force-loading on and off.
- Added the block tag minecraft:underwater_bonemeals.
- F3 debug screen now displays the dimension the player is in, just above the XYZ coordinates.
- Bone meal used underwater in warm ocean biomes now has a chance to grow corals and coral fans.
- Added tooltips to bucket of tropical fish.
- Fish now have a 5% chance of dropping bone meal when killed.
- Squids now spawn only in rivers, oceans or beaches.
- Performance has been optimized.
- Improved the performance of liquids.
- Improved the performance of flowing liquids.
- Improved the performance of rendering chunks.
- Improved the performance of spawning mobs.
Minecraft 1.13
Release date: July 18, 2018
- Blue ice
-- Generates in icebergs.
-- More slippery than ice and packed ice.
-- Crafted using 9 packed ice.
- Bubble columns
-- Created by magma blocks or soul sand in water at least 2 blocks deep.
- Buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors
-- Now have separate textures for all 6 types of wood.
- Carved pumpkin
-- A new block that has the old pumpkin texture.
- Conduit
-- Crafted using 1 Heart of the Sea and 8 Nautilus Shells.
-- Can be activated by placing prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks and/or sea lanterns in 5x5 open squares around it.
-- A complete structure will fully power the conduit.
-- Emits a strong glow, at light level 15.
- Coral
-- Comes in 5 different variants, each with a different type: tube (blue), brain (pink), bubble (purple), fire (red), horn (yellow).
-- Can only be placed underwater.
-- Naturally generates in coral reefs.
-- Can only be obtained with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch.
- Coral block
-- Comes in the same 5 variants as coral: tube (blue), brain (pink), bubble (purple), fire (red), horn (yellow).
-- Must be mined with a Silk Touch tool in order to drop itself, otherwise they drop a dead coral block.
-- Like coral, it naturally generates in coral reefs.
- Coral fans
-- Comes in the same 5 variants as coral: tube (blue), brain (pink), bubble (purple), fire (red), horn (yellow).
-- Can be placed underwater on the sides and tops of blocks.
-- Can be placed in air.
-- Naturally generates on the sides of coral blocks in coral reefs.
-- Can only be obtained with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch.
- Dead coral blocks
-- Comes in the same 5 variants as coral: tube, brain, bubble, fire, horn.
-- Obtained when mining a coral block without a Silk Touch tool, or when none of the six sides of a coral block are touching the water.
-- Cannot be turned back into coral.
- Dead coral fans
-- Comes in the same 5 variants as coral: tube, brain, bubble, fire, horn.
-- Generate in coral reef structures.
-- Can only be obtained with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch.
- Dried kelp block
-- Smelts 20 items when used as fuel in a furnace.
-- Crafted from dried kelp, and can also be crafted back into dried kelp.
- Kelp
-- Can only be placed underwater, requiring at least one water block above it.
-- Generate in ocean biomes, except warm oceans.
-- Can grow multiple blocks high.
-- Has animated textures.
-- Can be smelted into dry kelp.
- Prismarine stairs and slabs
-- Both come in all 3 variants: prismarine, dark prismarine, and prismarine bricks.
-- Stairs can be crafted with 6 of their respective material.
-- Slabs can be crafted with 3 of their respective material.
- Seagrass
-- Like kelp, seagrass also comes in a tall variant.
-- Has animated textures.
-- Generates in oceans (including underwater caves), rivers, and swamplands.
-- Can additionally be generated when using bone meal on any block underwater.
-- Drops from turtles when killed.
- Sea pickles
-- They generate in warm oceans, especially around coral reefs.
-- Up to 4 of them can be placed on a block.
-- Each one adds 3 to the light level, but only when placed underwater.
-- Can be smelted into lime dye.
- Shulker Boxes
-- Added a non-dyed shulker box.
- Stripped logs
-- A barkless variant of logs.
-- Created by using an axe on a log block.
-- Act as regular logs, and can still be used to craft planks.
- Stripped wood
-- A variant of wood with the side texture of stripped logs on all faces.
-- Created by using an axe on a wood block.
-- Act as regular logs, and can still be used to craft planks.
- Turtle eggs
-- Created by breeding turtles.
-- Stepping on turtle eggs will break them.
-- After a while, they will become slightly cracked and then very cracked.
- Arrow of Slow Falling
-- Gives the player the Slow Falling status effect.
- Arrow of the Turtle Master
-- Functions the same as the potion of the Turtle Master.
- Buried treasure exploration maps
-- Found in underwater ruins chests.
-- Leads the player to buried treasure.
- Debug stick
-- A technical item used to cycle between different block states.
- Dried kelp
-- Obtained from smelting kelp.
-- Can be eaten, restoring 1 (Half Hunger.svg) hunger point.
-- Can also be crafted into dried kelp blocks.
- Bucket of Fish
-- Come in 4 variants: cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish buckets.
-- Obtained by using a water bucket on a fish mob.
-- When used, it will place a water source block and spawn the corresponding fish inside it.
- Heart of the Sea
-- Used to craft conduits.
-- They generate in buried treasure chests (in stacks of 1).
- Kelp
-- Can be used to place a kelp plant underwater.
-- Can be dried in a furnace to create dried kelp.
- Mushroom blocks
-- Now appear in the creative inventory.
- Mushroom stems
-- Have an item form and appear in the creative inventory.
- Nautilus Shell
-- Used to craft conduits.
-- Can be obtained by fishing.
-- Drowned can spawn holding a nautilus shell.
- Petrified oak slab
-- Now has a model.
-- Is the old wood slab that acts like a stone slab.
- Phantom membrane
-- Dropped by phantoms.
-- Used to repair elytra.
-- Can be brewed into potions of Slow Falling.
- Potion of Slow Falling
-- Brewed with phantom membrane.
-- Gives the player the Slow Falling status effect for 1:30.
-- Brewing it with redstone dust will extend the effect duration to 4 minutes.
-- Like all potions, can be turned into splash potion and lingering potion, using gunpowder and dragon's breath.
- Potion of the Turtle Master
-- Will give Slowness IV and Resistance III for 1 minute.
-- Brewing it with redstone dust will extend the effect duration to 3 minutes.
-- Brewing it with glowstone dust will enhance the effects to Slowness VI and Resistance IV.
-- Like all potions, can be turned into splash potion and lingering potion, using gunpowder and dragon's breath.
- Scutes
-- Dropped when baby turtles grow up.
-- Can be used to craft turtle shells.
- Trident
-- A new weapon.
-- Can be thrown by using it, or be used as a melee weapon by attacking, dealing 9 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg) damage.
-- Obtainable by killing drowned.
- Turtle shells
-- Crafted from scutes.
-- Can be used as a helmet, adding 2 armor points.
-- Can be used to brew the potion of the Turtle Master from an awkward potion.
- Wood
-- Now have an item form and appear in the creative inventory.
-- They can now be crafted, 4 logs in a square yield 3 wood.
-- They now follow identical placement rules to logs and other such blocks.
- Dolphins
-- Spawn in any ocean that isn't frozen.
-- Neutral mobs. Like wolves and zombie pigmen, dolphins will attack in groups if one is angered.
-- Can be fed using raw cod, but they don't breed.
-- Play with nearby items by picking them up and dropping them after a very short moment.
-- Occasionally jumps out of water like real-life dolphins.
-- Chase after boats and jump over water surfaces.
-- They suffocate after spending too much time on land.
-- If they start drowning, they will swim to the surface.
-- Give the player the Dolphin's Grace status effect when the player swims near them.
-- They can help players find buried treasure; when they are fed raw cod, they will swim to the nearest shipwreck or underwater ruins.
- Drowned
-- Spawn in all oceans and rivers, as well as in swamps and underwater ruins.
-- Zombies will morph into drowned after a while if they are in water.
-- Drowned can spawn with tridents and nautilus shells, allowing you to get them in survival.
-- Do not float, but can swim (although they prefer to walk).
-- All drowned have a melee attack, and ones with tridents have a ranged attack.
-- Like zombies, drowned will attack baby turtles and stomp on and destroy turtle eggs.
- Fish mobs
-- Cod: Spawn in cold, normal, and lukewarm ocean biomes. Form groups of up to 9.
-- Salmon: Spawn in frozen ocean, cold ocean and river biomes. Form groups of up to 6.
-- Pufferfish: Spawn in lukewarm and warm ocean biomes. Inflate themselves when a player gets near.
-- Tropical Fish
-- They drop themselves when killed.
-- Outside of water, they flop around before suffocating.
-- They can be caught with a water bucket.
- Phantoms (Mob B)
-- Was voted in by viewers of MineCon Earth.
-- Spawn in the Overworld at high altitudes, and swoops down in groups of around 3 or 4 to attack players that have not slept in a while.
-- The player must be above sea level.
-- Are considered to be undead mobs.
-- Drop 0-1 phantom membrane.
- Turtles
-- Water mobs which will make nests comprised of eggs on shorelines throughout various biomes.
-- Have a baby variant, which hatch from the eggs, and move into the water when born.
-- Can be bred using seagrass.
-- Spawn on warm beaches in small groups.
-- Lay eggs in their home beach.
-- Drop 0-2 seagrass upon death.
-- You can craft scutes into a bigger turtle shell.
Minecraft 1.12.2
Release date: September 18, 2017
- Updated the in game logo.
- Fixed an exploit and a bunch of other bugs.
Minecraft 1.12.1
Release date: August 3, 2017
- Updated game credits to include more Mojang staff.
- Credits scroll 50% faster when viewed directly from the menu screen than through the End Poem.
- Removed Splash "Better than Prey!
Minecraft 1.12
Release date: June 7, 2017
- Illusioner
-- New illager.
-- Blindness for 20 seconds then shoots with a bow.
-- Does not currently have a spawn egg, so can only be summoned with /summon illusion_illager.
- Parrots
-- Tamable with seeds
-- Fly around, but sit when "tired".
-- Follow and crowd around nearby mobs.
-- Imitates sounds of other mobs.
-- Parrots dance if playing music on a nearby jukebox.
-- Have 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) health.
-- Come in red, blue, green, cyan and gray.
- Concrete
-- Comes in the 16 traditional dye colors.
-- Created when Concrete Powder comes into contact with still or flowing water.
- Concrete Powder
-- Comes in the 16 traditional dye colors.
-- Gravity affected (like Sand and Gravel).
-- When it touches water, it turns into a Concrete block.
-- Craftable. Crafting: 4 Sand, 4 Gravel and one of any dye to get 8 Concrete Powder blocks. The recipe is shapeless.
- Glazed Terracotta
-- Comes in the 16 traditional dye colors.
-- Smelt any colored terracotta in a furnace to obtain the Glazed Terracotta of that color (not for regular terracotta).
-- Can be placed in 4 directions: North, South, West and East.
-- Will not "stick" to slime blocks if attached to the side, top or bottom, but will if attached to the front or back.
- Knowledge Book
-- A green-colored book.
-- Currently obtainable only with the /give @p knowledge_book command.
-- A Knowledge Book with a Recipes NBT tag, which contains a list of item IDs, will be consumed and unlock the specified items recipes for any player that uses it.
- Spawn eggs
-- Parrot (new mob): Green with red dots.
Minecraft 1.11.2
Release date: December 21, 2016
Fixed bugs:
- Arrows shot from bow bounce on horse when moving or not and damage if fire arrows.
- Zombie Spawning.
- Incorrect dispenser sound with Flint & Steel.
- Elevator with slime block.
- Food Metre Updating Only Visually.
- Clicking a tipped arrow in mid-air will turn it into an item.
- Entity movement happens independently from executing commands.
Minecraft 1.11
Release date: November 14, 2016
- Vindicator
-- Separates their arms when aggravated, and holds an Iron Axe in their main hand.
-- Hostile towards Players and Villagers.
-- Spawn in the Woodland Mansions upon generation. They will not respawn.
- Evoker
-- Added as an end-game challenge, or mini-boss.
-- Will always drop a Totem of Undying upon death. May drop Emeralds too.
-- In battle, they will summon Vexes and Fangs to attack.
- Vex
-- Spawns only when summoned by an Evoker.
-- Appears similar to ghosts, in that they are small, pale, flying mobs that can phase through blocks.
-- Shows red marks when about to attack.
-- Attacks Players and Villagers.
-- Holds an Iron Sword in their main hand.
- Llama
-- Spawns in Extreme Hills.
-- Drops Leather.
-- Has multiple skins, like Cats and Horses.
-- Attacks by spitting.
- Observer
-- Ported from the Pocket and Windows 10 editions.
-- Outputs a redstone signal when it detects a block update.
- Shulker box
-- Crafted in a Crafting Table as a single column, with a Chest in the middle of the row and a Shulker Shell both above and below the chest.
-- Works similar to a chest, but keeps its content when broken.
-- Uses the same opening and closing animations as the Shulker.
- Shulker Shell
-- Has a 50% chance of being dropped by a Shulker upon death.
-- Crafted together with a Chest in a column to make Shulker Boxes.
- Totem of Undying
-- Evokers will always drop one of these upon death.
-- Holding it in either hand will resurrect you upon taking lethal damage.
- Exploration Map
-- Can only be obtained from Cartographer Villagers.
-- Used to locate Ocean Monuments and the new Woodland Mansions.
-- Works like a map, but shows the outlines of land and a single structure icon.
World generation
- Woodland Mansion
-- Generates in Roofed Forest biomes.
-- Home to the Illagers.
-- Has three floors, where the bottom two are larger and the third is smaller.
-- Uses procedural generation and Structure Blocks for random layouts.

Minecraft 1.10.2
Release date: June 23, 2016
- Missing BlockEntity (Piston_Extension, ...).
Minecraft 1.10.1
Release date: June 22, 2016
Farmland blocks now have a 15/16 block tall hitbox. (formerly a full block).
- Slight player/mob offset when on Farmland Block.
- DataWatcher / EntityMetadata ID is based on the class load order ! Can cause many issues.
- Entities from old (<= 1.5.2) worlds are killed when loaded in current versions due to a typo in the health data fixer.
- Chat key bound to unicode char causes crash in creative inventory.
- Structure Block - Keyboard navigation: Unable to navigate in the "structure name" field of structure blocks, using the arrow-keys, pos1, end or the delete key.
- Ender Dragon Does not respawn.
Minecraft 1.10
Release date: June 8, 2016
- Structure void
-- It is an intangible block used to indicate to the structure blocks that certain air blocks can be overridden by previously existing blocks in the destination.
-- They are invisible and have a small hitbox.
-- Allows for empty spaces in a structure.
- Magma block

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