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Minecraft Jurassic Park- Site B

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ryan2122's Avatar ryan2122
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
I need help with trying to build a Jurassic Park Site B project and/ or server. If anyone wants to donate their server for construction or wants to send me the schematics by email part by part my email is ryguy12@cox.net, or you can reach me at ryguy5@cox.net. What i need you to send to me for the server is the IP and all the other info. When i join OP me. For the schematics build a building, a decoration, or a possible idea. If you want me to email you what i need you to build for me leave your email in the comments below. Or if you think there is a helpful mod i could use leave the link in the comments.
Here is what i need done:
- Hunters Camp
- Good Mod For Dinosaurs
- Good Mod For Vehicles
- Good Mod For A Helicopter
That is all for now, and thank you people who do help. I will think of other things that you guys could do for me. Thanks for the favors.
- ryan2122 ;)

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04/06/2013 6:22 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Sailor
Captain_NA's Avatar
Hi have also that idea, but i have only time to work on one single map at the time, and am making scale 1:1 things, and my computer have only 16 gb ram, as i cannot make a scale 1:1 map of "Isla Sorna". (but will boy 32 gg in the future). im making Isla Nublar in scale 1:1 and its 16 gb ram good to the job. if you dont have more than 32 Gb, you cant make it 1:1. but if you need any drawings to it can i help, i have made a skin pack to Flans mod, as the jeeps and helicopter loks like the original. but its long time ago. You cant get a good dino mod. (there is 4 dino mods out right now, and they are relly bad in my eyes) they wont work on a large map as this, if you spawn 1000 dinos, and walk on the map in one houre therte is only 1% chance for see a dino... we need a mod with auto spawn, and there were two mods, but they stopped in the 1.8 update. :D
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