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Minecraft Rap ~ EPIC


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Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
It's minecraft son, what you think that means!

I grab my pickaxe and shovel and the rest of my things,

I walk to tree and punch the shit out of them logs,

then i stack up like im playing with Lincoln Logs!

I battle monsters as soon as the sun disapeers

Then I setlle in my den and drink a couple of beers

Cuz I'm Steve like no other, I aint your sister or your brother!

I'm an adventurer son, I make Bear Grylis look like he was born in a gutta

I fight cuz I hate the goddamn creepers, spiders, and zombies

I do it cuz Im the biggest G there'll ever be!

I beat shit out of them with my bare hands!

Ever done that son? No? CUZ YOU AINT A MAN!

I play dress up, but only in the manliest fashion,

I can be the devil or even a deviled cake!

And alligator, a Trollagator, or even a Crepe!

I don't gotta worry bout food,

cuz pigs bring themselves right to my door

And i grow my own food

and don't gotta worry bout buying from the store

For clothes I slaughter my cows,

I bring in the bacon

oh wait thats not even cows?

Is it... Oh well my raps are still a-shakin

Cuz here comes the best part,

the best part of my job

THE GODDAMN Diamonds son,

you ever heard of them?

I be crafting up armor and indestructible weapons

Be butt whipping those crazy teleportin Enderman

I'm a crazy maverick with a license to kill

Golden grills for my teeth? HELL NO, DIAMOND GRILLS

But yea that was all in the past, because u see last night

The big ass top G, that's me,

Took an arrow.. to the knee

;) liked my rap? Diamond's are appreciated. I will update over time, and later I will make a youtube video!

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