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Welcome Ladies and Gentleblocks to yet another blog. Yes, I know. LONG TIME NO BLOG LOLOLOL. Well, I've been busy k? But in all seriousness, I've missed being able to blog on the site like I used to do back in the good ol' days. I thought with the upcoming release of 1.7 inbound with all-new terrain generation, that I'd write a bit about how Minecraft has gone over the past few years. Coincidentally, I'm currently doing a series where I playthrough Minecraft Alpha so I'll be able to give a decent contrast between new and old.


So, lets start with the old. I encountered Minecraft Alpha after watching some of X's videos on YouTube and I have to admit, I didn't really like the look of it. After having played Halo and Call of Duty for several years, it looked like a 1990s retro game to me that I'd never heard of. In the end, I bought it just to try it out. I suddenly found myself immersed in the game like I've never been before. I played it for hours and hours. But why did I?


Screenshot from Minecraft Alpha v.1.2.02

The simplicity and open-world feel to the game probably was the main thing that captured all of my attention. I could walk endlessly without ever getting bored, new things and new terrain popping up as I marched through a forest armed with a line of cooked meat and my iron sword. Sure, there were things about the game that annoyed me; food didn't stack, you couldn't shift click things, tool durability was unbalanced, torches emitted little light. However, I managed to over these problems and I built my first house. Nothing too fancy, a quaint little hut amidst the rolling hills at the foot of the snowy mountains.


Random photo I found

A lot of people may have argued that the game lacked in content and technically could've been improved, but I was quite happy with what I had. As the updates continued to roll in, more and more features were being added. New blocks, new dimensions, new mechanics, enchanting, brewing, new mobs were all added as the game grew bigger and bigger and bigger. Is this a good thing however?


Minecraft lately has seen some major improvements and changes, from the way textures are classified to the upcoming overhaul of the terrain generation. Personally, the addition of enchantments and beacons and brewing was a major bonus for me. Bats, witches and horses however I found to be a fairly useless addition. More importantly, I just don't enjoy Minecraft as much anymore. Why is this?


I think due to the sudden increase in popularity and increase in content available in the game, it turned slightly sour. It just doesn't feel as unique and exclusive anymore. There's so much new content that it's actually hard to keep up with things. On the other hand, this whole new array of things for people to play around with means that individuals like mapmakers can have an absolute blast.


The new terrain-generation technology coming in the 1.7 update will also be a huge leap forward for the Minecraft community as for months and months, people have been requesting more epic terrain to be generated in Minecraft.


Example of upcoming terrain generation in 1.7

So yeah, things have indeed changed over the years for Minecraft. Are these changes for the better or are they for the worse? That's a matter of opinion. I've always had Minecraft Alpha close to my heart as it's a truly wonderful memory however the content coming out in the upcoming versions promises to be exciting and new. I would ask you guys what you think at this point but I'm not allowed to ask questions *grumble grumble*.

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this short blog on my thoughts about Minecraft and how it has changed over the years. If you have, then a diamond is much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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02/22/2014 11:51 pm
Level 29 : Expert Pirate
mishrathium's Avatar
Minecraft is THE BEST sandbox. Sadly people have such limited imaginations they are making worthless disposable minigame hub servers popular which is perpetuated by money hungry youtubers.. I'll stick to sandbox gameplay and support gamers for good. You should as well ;)
03/08/2014 7:01 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
___a's Avatar
What about map making? I've played a few gems [And by that I mean adventure maps.] here and there, and I'm getting into making them. They are really cool!
11/29/2013 3:54 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
HkTV's Avatar
I agree, Minecraft has recently been a chore to catch up with, but as I make maps in my spare time out of boredom I do find the additions rather fun, increasing the possibilities in game. (I like to use Command blocks to Summon Villagers on Horses :D)
11/03/2013 6:01 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Bunny
Simey's Avatar
Very well written, keep up the awesome blogs :)
10/15/2013 3:11 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Artist
Mythra13's Avatar
I enjoyed the read, here's a diamond.
10/15/2013 3:39 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Scribe
OliverFrenchie's Avatar
10/07/2013 4:51 pm
Level 21 : Expert Hunter
Shinxgod's Avatar
well, one thing i hate about 1.6 is the way some mods load now. My old favourite, more player models, now will no longer work, so had to be redeveloped from the start... now i cant install it -_- another thing i hated was the sprinting, but i hear they fixed that now
10/05/2013 8:49 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Toast
Unnatural's Avatar
I gotta agree with you, after owning minecraft for two years, I have seen it change a lot, but I would almost say the golden age for me at least was 1.2.5 ... it had all the core features, and awesomeness, yet not all this new junk, maybe even 1.0.0 not really sure ... but the more it goes on and the more thats added ... I don't even care about looking up the new features.
02/20/2014 3:40 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
anonpmc776690's Avatar
10/15/2013 3:39 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Scribe
OliverFrenchie's Avatar
Yeah I think that was the golden age for most people. Neither do I anymore, I just don't enjoy it as much anymore!
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