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Minecraft taming enderdragon

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Lesterlettuce's Avatar Lesterlettuce
Level 35 : Artisan Dragonborn
Hey guys i'm just bored so i made this xD

Now I think it would be a great idea if Jeb made it so we could tame enderdragons. But i'm thinking with what? (tell me if you have any ideas for what to tame an enderdragon with.) Also you could fly them around, Blow stuff up, And conquer minecraft! I'm also thinking they would be like pet dogs but better. But I have heard there already is a mod for it but some people can't get the modloader and so thats why I have made this blog. So i'm also thinking they should have like a special book for there commands. Like so: Stay,Follow,Attack,Autopilot,Ignore, and so. They should also have a bigger saddle to use for it if this ever comes true.

I'm also thinking about breeding. Having a baby enderdragon would be just awesome! xD. So anyways If you guys have anymore ideas for this update i'm hoping will come true just comment about it! :D

(( If you like this, Please diamond.)) P.S. You don't have to watch the video xD also this isn't me I just needed a video.

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07/15/2013 10:03 am
Level 20 : Expert Unicorn
RubSumBarcrnArnIt's Avatar
There is a mod called bikes where u can ride an ender dragon
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