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MineCraft Theory:Strongholds and Endermen...

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The GolemCrafter's Avatar The GolemCrafter
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Welcome to MineCraft Theories, the blog where I think about stuff, make sense out of it.

This time its on the Topic of Strongholds and the mysterious Enderman. So lets begin Shall we.

Strongholds, Massive underground fortresses riddeled with monsters and holding the mysterious portal to the End. Why would a stronghold contain such evil and where did they come from? Well heres my theory:

In the beginning of the Minecraft worlds back in the times of Alpha there was an ancient Minecraftian Civilization of highly creative beings. They discovered how to craft tools, how to keep away monsters in the night, and how to use redstone for amazing inventions. They spread far across the many biomes creating villages, growing in size, then expanding. But after many days of mining and crafting they felt that they needed and gerunteed saftey facility a safehaven for their kind. So they Built down and created a entire underground city fully inhabital, fully substainable, It was close to being a utopia. But ancient researchers and redstone engineers discovered something that should have never been seen by the eyes of the beta testers...

They uncovered the Enderstone, a stone that shines like diamonds but speaks in a macilous tongue. They harvested all the enderstone they could find, exactly 12... they minded the crystal out of it claiming that the gems looked exactly like eyes and glowed a purplish aura. Being the conservitive beings they were they saved the stone the gems were encased in. They placed it in solitary chamber deep in the stronghold safe haven in a small ring, with four open spaces in the middle. But something came unexpected and might as well ended their existance. The Eye gems ripped themselves from the their hands and lodged themselves into the stone, and a Light erupted from the shape. Then a black mist, as dark as the night, rushes the city and its residents.But as the mist wrapped itself around the people a transformation began to occur. Their legs became thin and elongated as well did their arms. Their skin became as dark as the mist that changed them, and their eyes glew purple. They were what future players call... The Endermen!!! They roamed the lands of Minecraftia with their memories complietly shattered of their original existance only rembering to place blocks to try and build shelter reliving the only thing they really did before the change. The darkstone they once mined was the what was needed to open the portal to the End and release such a plague. Thats my theory of the Strongholds and the mysterious Endermen, Thanks for Reading and if you made it this far why dont you post a comment with feedback or suggestions for the next theory. Till Later Don't Blink...

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03/05/2013 5:43 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Fisherman
MrHoneyman321's Avatar
Just Amazing!!!!
I loved the story,really creative.
maybe that really happened O.o
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