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Minecraft V1.0.1

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zombiewolfdude's Avatar zombiewolfdude
Level 20 : Expert Miner
Hello there ladies and gentlemen. I want to talk about Minecraft V1.0.1. The reason for this beta is to fix most of the bugs and duplication glitches. And for this update there is no need for translation mods cause there is a little world button at the bottom left of your minecraft screen. It will let you choose one of all the languages like if you speak Spanish its their. And the glitches. 1. Glitch is were 2 wooden doors placed next to each other 1 is always opened (fixed in V1.0.1) 2. Glitch Mojang are fixing the duplication glitch for both multiplayer and single. 1. For multiplayer is when u shoot a enderpearl up in the air when u have 2.5 hearts or lower and leave the game rejoin and your stuff is duplicated. 2. For singleplayer you drop your items save and exit out of minecraft rejoin get your items count to 10 the hit alt f4 log back in and your items are duplicated. I would hurry duplicate all your multiplayer and singleplayer items unless you cheat of course. -Zombiewolfdude P.S. there are more glitches i will post in a update.
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