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avatar deathlyfrog
Level 22 : Expert Dragon
Hi Guys, Deathly here. And today i am here with another one of my amazing ideas.
It starts off with the transformation cublet. It is made like this... X=Diamond O= Obsidian
So after you make that, in order to activate it, you need a "Aura Tablet" X=Leather O=Blaze Rod L=Glowstone Block
When you have that, you need to put the Cublet into the Aura Tablet
When you have done that, you would automatically be teleported to a new dimention called "Historia"
Here the sun and moon rotate around 4 times faster then in minecraftia. The ground is obsidian, end stone, netherrack, and smooth stone. You will get 2 books. one saying, "Hero" and one saying "Villian". If you click on "Hero" then those two will disappear and give in return "Mage", "Warrior", "Archer", Or "Tank".
If "Villian, then you will get, "Troll", "Ork", "Dwarf", "Dragonborn", And "Dragon Rider". Each one of these has their own special effect. Mage can cast arrow and fire spells. Warrior deals 2 hearts more damage per melee attack.
Archer has a bow that it 4 times quicker draw then the normal bow. And Tank takes half the damage recieved to him. Troll can break 4 by 4 areas every 10 seconds. Ork can deal 6 hearts of damage with his fist. Dwarf is 3 times as fast as a normal steve. Dragonborn can summon an ender dragon for one hit every 10 seconds. And Dragon Rider can Fly 2 times as fast as creative. Then you get teleported back to your normal world.
I hope you guys have enjoyed my Minedea and hope to see a couple more subs!
Deathly is out!!!
CreditMy FACE, not urs

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