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More improved animals

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avatar Beb
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This is a follow up from my last blog where I showed the new pig, chicken, cow and sheep. I'm not happy with how the chicken looks but I haven't gotten around to changing it yet. I also couldn't be bothered to upload the models to Sketchfab so you'll have to settle with some crappy screenshots I took.

Also I just want to say that this unnamed pack I'm working on doesn't just change the animals and stuff. It does a lot of other vanilla tweaks like things like extra CIT toolsets, emissive textures, 3d saplings, etc. And if you you have an idea of what to name this pack please put it in the comments because I am clueless.

Anyway, the mobs. I didn't do anything special with the default/snow fox or llama. I just changed their heads so they didn't look weird. I always thought that the llama's face was incredibly ugly so this is a big improvement in my eyes.

Nothing special happened with the wolf either. One thing to point out is that when you tame it it's ears flop down, this makes it look more like a dog rather than a wild wolf.

Last is the rat. The rat is a full replacement of the silverfish. Not only have I changed the model, I've also added new sounds, changed the language file and added custom animations so it seems like the silverfish never existed. There are 5 variations: grey, brown, black and white.
I will admit that I stole this idea from PixalThePixeled's Silver Rats resource pack. The model, animations, textures and sounds are all my own, I only used the concept of rats replacing silverfish.
I mentioned that the rat also has animations, when it walks its legs and tails move and when it gets hurt it's ears jerk backwards too. The only downside of these rats is that their heads can't move to look at you, they are forced to just stare forwards all the time and there's not much I can do.

I hope you guys like these changes, I made all of these back in September but I just hadn't gotten around to posting them. I want to point out again that this pack isn't just new models and it contains a lot of other random changes too. Hopefully next time I update you I'll be able to give a download for the pack.
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