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Multicraft (Beastnode Server Hosting - Review)

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Beastnode - MULITCRAFT


We have a love/hate relationship

Bored and feel like writing a review on a product so I chose BeastNode and in this I will describe the positives and negative when buying a beast node server! Enjoy my review!


============== Affordable costs =================

-I bought a spider ($14.95 USD) plan for my "Do What Ever" server and its a bit laggy but... look at what its doing.. EVERYONE is op.. Just imagine what it has to handle with all the hackers and stuff.. Surprised it doesn't crash every 5 minutes (at first it did because I had nothing to stop them from using /stop commands... good times)

============== Great Customer Service! ===========

-Every time I don't understand something or I have a question I message them and they get back to me within a few hours! :O

============== FREE BUYCRAFT =================

-BuyCraft allows you to collect donations from the people on the server and make profit off your server! Beastnode gives this to you when ever you buy any packages from them (worth 13 something) (do /buy on my servers :D) (you have to contact them and ask for your code... didn't know that at first)

============== FTP ACCESS ====================

-allows you to upload your server and plugins when you are not on the server (GET FILEZILLA)

============== Free MySQL Database =============

-allows you server to run more smoother and some plugins require this

============== Free Dedicated IP ================

-YOUR OWN DEDICATED IP.. How much more boss can you get? BTW my server Ip is: .. Your know you want to check it out ;D

============== 5gb Of space! =====================

-I think I maaayyyyy have filled this one up a bit... but still running good! :)

============== Free Mumble Voice and Sub domain? =

-No idea what you do with this

============== SUPPORTS BUKKIT ================


============== Scheduled Taskes =================

-Awesome mini built in feature.. you can set it to restart your server every 30 minutes (on or offline) I had to do that... xD .. You can make it do auto backups of your entire server once a day.. once a week and more!


============== Randomly Log Outs (the site) =========

-I'll be on the website and just randomly it will log me out just from switching pages.. I won't even be on the page long (maybe 1-2 minutes sometimes less) and it will long me out... annoying when you have to get to console to ban someone

============== Console Spam ====================

-Might just be me but I get spammed so bad with some at.minecraft messages.. did not happen on my past servers.. All my plugins are up-to-date as well?

============== Console Freezing ==================

-Console will randomly freeze when your trying to read it or find out who's doing something on the server.. gives you that WTF moment or the console will clear... might be a command but its a WTF moment ..

============== When your server is full =============

-When and if my server starts to get full I tend to get really laggy.. (but I own a everyone gets op server)


-God .... this one is very annoying.. I click something on the site sometimes and I have to wait like 15-30 seconds for it to load happens (75% of the time) Tested this one too because I tested over 4 different computers and different wifi's and my friend has (had) a gaming computer and the website was laggy

============== Creating or spawning new worlds ======

-I cannot personally do this.. it just won't work...? I try to regenerate a new world and I get chunk errors everywhere I have to use FTP access and upload a generated world.. and you have to make sure the file is called world or it won't work.. pain in the .... yea but you get used to it I guess..

============== The main panel Layout Thing =========

-That main panel layout with the (name/status/motd/ip) stuff like that is very glitch.. you have to do everything by just editing the server proprieties ...

============== ERROR 500 ========================

-no idea what this is but it shows up randomly when I login and won't let me login (have to wait like a hour till it goes away)

============== SLOTS ===========================

-you get a custom amount of slots and cannot decrease or increase them.. even the highest ranking server they have .. 4gb and only 90 slots? (I wish I had it) but, that is not that must at all.

Just the site seems to be the main problem, but they are constantly working on it and fixing bugs as they go along. The server it self is amazing.. or at least I think... having people spamming commands and spawning 1000+ mobs and still being able not to crash was pretty impressive. I will probably be getting another server with them soon (legit survival/no-hacks/safe server) :D This type of server should be used mainly for a calm, not to maybe plugins, not to much like... people constantly running commands and plugins.. for like a man faction/survival or creative world. I love my server and want to try my best to keep it up! :D

CreditBeastNode Multicraft

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