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Level 48 : Master Kitten Fox

Pineapple Tuxedo Journal (2022 & 2023)
Foxx-‘s Art Blog ✏ (2022-2023)
The Cover of My Journal! I got it for my birthday I think, and I got the cat sticker for my birthday and the Pineapple sticker I won in a game at school! I put something over the label to hide personal information.

Foxx-‘s Art Blog ✏ (2022-2023)
I started this sometime and didn't finish it. I planned to make it a full body, but I wanted to start a new drawing, so I quickly finished it up and made that! I wrote a comment next to it saying "Lil bean :3".

Foxx-‘s Art Blog ✏ (2022-2023)
Prince Lapis! He is one of my favorite cats in Minecraft, so I decided to draw him. I enjoyed drawing the stripes overlayed by the splotches! He has a blue collar and orange + black spots on his white fur.

Lord Splat + his best friend, Galaxy. Splat is a stuffed otter with a big personality. Me and -Wolfix- started a role-play based on him where he is the generous lord of "Pawville". Galaxy is a wolfix (wolf with wings) who has been his best friend since their college days.

Queen Moss + My Zodiac OC. Queen Moss is Splat's mate (She is in stuffed otter form too!) who is Queen of Pawville beside Splat. The Zodiac OC is based on my lunar and Chinese New year zodiacs, which are Cancer and the Tiger.

Badger and Prince Splash! Badger is a very minor antagonist in Lord Splat's Kingdom, and Splash is Moss + Splat's adorable son.

Scorch, another minor antagonist, and Midnight, a major guard/soldier in Lord Splat's Kingdom. He is a foxix (Fox WIth Wings).

Thorn, a major Lord Splay antagonist, and Hibiscus, my Animal Jam OC.

Whirlpool- A major antagonist in Lord Splat, Queen Moss's older brother, and Lilly, Lord Splat's younger sister. (Both Otters)

A buried wolfix skeleton with scattered bones.

Rock, one of my favorite characters in Warrior Cats, with a couple of bone elements and fur tufts on his hairless pelt. On the right, is a field with a tree, beehive, sunflowers, and bees.

My three favorite characters from Harry Potter- Fawkes, Crookshanks, (Including an "I hate Scabbers" flag) and Pigwidgeon, and my new OC, Lord Sulfur II! He had a miserable life and died, and was reincarnated as this demon! He is a dark overlord.

3 Wolfix- animal hybrids- a shark, raccoon, and ferret!

A Griffin Ghosttalon! I LOVE HIM! *le sob*

A wolfix named Dao and a dragon wolfix

A chimera wolfix and a mystictalon

A manticore wolfix and Lord Sulfur II (again)

Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars) as a cat

Fox/eagle/lion hybrid chimera thing

Captain Rex (Star Wars) as a cat

Harry Potter Characters as their patronus

Kingfisher (Random cat) and his family

The wolfix foresttalon queen, Leaf

My dnd character, Lone River (bad & outdated)

Moth (wolfix) and her Siblings

Alice (my cat) and a "dream cat" (appeared in a dream) of -Wolfix-'s

Beetlesky (random cat)

Finchclaw (outdated)

Omega (Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2) as a cat

unfinished artist profile

Sketch for AqxdClutch's request

Lone River (new, sorry about the image quality :/ )

Sketch for art trade with Lebecco

Sketch of an adopt I got from an artist called Katterpies

My cat, Alice

Sketch for Digital art (final piece in Adobe Fresco/Digital Art)


Cat Fighting sketches

Random Cat (Turtle Dove)


A lesbian cat couple (Robinsong & Stagwish) and their kitten, Sparrowkit

Nectarshine (Random cat)

Ladybug cat

Some island clan founders


Sketch for fanart of ClayMan1077 and DreamWanderer

Sketch for request from Sp3nc3r_

Types of energy meme (Island Clans)

Random Cattos

Clangen Cats

Minnowtail (MarshClan Deputy)

Random Cattos

Sketch of the Fishing Cats (Final piece in Adobe Fresco/Digital Art)

Sketch of Oakroar and Flintfeather (Final piece in Adobe Fresco/Digital Art)

Finchclaw (New)

Kestrel (My cat oc/persona)

Kestrel Sketches


Fighting Cats

Beepaw/Pounce and Pythonpaw/slip sketches

Crois as a cat


A badger and a lion, drawn in my ELA workbook. (That's why it says [​definition]) I drew it that day I found out -Wolfix-'s and my House in Harry Potter- I'm a Gryffindor, she's a Hufflepuff!

A request I drew for (I think Sushifox?). He's based on the Youtuber, Grian!

A loafing tabby cat I drew, took a picture of, then outlined in Chrome Canvas!

A simple Wolf! :)

Some different Minecraft villagers drew

A "Beehive Dragon"

Fin, based on a stuffed animal I have


Inktober 2022

Day 1- Gargoyle

Day 2 + 3 (and a Werewolf Sketch)

Day 2- Scurry

Day 3- Bat :3

Book Characters

In order from left to right- Jayfeather from Warrior Cats, Turtle from Wings of Fire, Sol from Warrior Cats, Tigerheart/Star from Warrior Cats.

I'm not revealing what these are for copyright and idea protection reasons, plus to protect spoilers.


My Small Shading Guide for Digital Art! Free to use :)

Year in Review!

Adobe Fresco/Digital Art

Rootspring from Warrior Cats! My first try for digital art, and I'm starting to like it!

Nightheart from Warrior Cats! He's a sensitive little boi :3
Wait he's supposed to be black and that's a dark gray-

Me as a cat! I did brown fur for brown hair :3
Date: 1-27-23 to 1-28-23
Time- About 2 hours

Sprucewater (OC)



Buzzy The cat-bee (my pfp) with references

Mango, my cat OC (because I'm obsessed with Mangos, lol)


Sprucewater- Updated!



Alice (My Cat) and Eclipse (Not a real cat, -Wolfix- saw him in a dream)

Chip- A mountain Cat!

The 3 current leaders of the island Clans

Spiderfoot- an aroace cat!

Heron Of Murky Swamp- Abyssstar's father and former tribe cat!

Mapleheart, Marshstar, Creekstar, and Abyssstar (The "star"'s are the first island Clan leaders!)

The Main Characters of The Island Clans!

Dunepelt, a dead and trans cat in the dark forest, In the Island Clans!

MarshClan Sketches! (Island Clans, Updated 5/31)
Includes the med. cats and their den (Batclan & Wolffall), nursery, elder's den, the Leader and deputy (Finchstar and Minnowtail), and the Logo of the Clan!

Hi! :D
I hope you are enjoying my art blog!
The next 5 items are characters Based on the game Clangen (generator). The sprites are the little pixel art cats!
It's perfect for you if you read and love warrior cats, and want to imagine life in a clan.
Click the link to head to the website to look at it and download it!


Flintfeather (She's genderfluid :D)

Rowanstar (Note that "Graycough" is not a real disease, it is something I made up.)

Citrusstep (Trans kitty! Sometimes in Clangen during "time skips", the game will decide to make a cat trans. She is MTF.)


Morning in MarshClan camp! I made this for the comic I started below.

The first page (out of 2) of my Mini comic with my Island Clan OCs, Sprucewater, and Spiderfoot! They are both MarshClan warriors and aroace (Aromantic & Asexual, so instead of being romantic, they are SUPER PLATONIC >:3) I sketched it out a few months ago (April? Idk) and started outlining and coloring in adobe fresco, And it turned out awesome!

4 of the island clan founders (out of 7)

Beepaw, a MarshClan Apprentice!

Beetlepaw, another MarshClan Apprentice!

Finchwish, a MarshClan Warrior

Flytail, Another MarshClan Warrior!

Kiteshock, an AbysssClan Warrior!

Mallowfeather, a MarshClan warrior!

Troutpaw/tail, a CreekClan apprentice/warrior

Some Sketches of Sprucewater

The fishing cats (search it up) of the island clans! Drift is the mother, and Reed + Urchin are the kittens!


How Urchin (fishing cat kitten) got her scar

My MC character, Sprout!

My new cat oc, Kestrel! She could be a persona since she's based off me irl

My dnd tabaxi character, Lone River!

Ebonysong, a MarshClan warrior!

A stormy night, with Newstar, comforting his son Snailkit (later Snailheart) because happiness does not come to him easily, unlike the other kittens, Driftkit, Troutkit, Scorchkit, and Riverkit (Later Driftpelt, Trouttail, Scorchstripe, & Riverfern)

6 of the cats on Clangen (game shown further up) on one of my Clans, AbysssClan!

My 2023 pride collab with some of the island clan cats! Took me almost 2 weeks lol

A new reference for Spiderfoot!

A new reference for Sprucewater!

Starling, a cat adopt I got from katterpies!

The Image of the adopt :)

Sprucewater & Hazelslip "Sisters!" (Credits, I traced it lol)

Snailheart's reference

Otterfin's Reference

A few Clangen cats

More Clangen cats

Troutpaw/tail's Refrence (She's bi and polyamorus, no one is safe 😈)

Splashspirt and Gale's Family! (Gale's rosettes, Elmkit, and Eelkit done by -Wolfix-)

Snailpaw/heart Q&A! (Questions asked by -Wolfix-)

Sprucewater Q&A! (Questions asked by -Wolfix-)

Assorted Characters Q&A, Featuring Otterfin, Troutpaw, Owlwing, Beepaw, and Pythonpaw! (Questions asked by -Wolfix-)

Island Clans Sasa Lele Meme (From Left to right- Beepaw, Ebonysong, & Sprucewater)

Turtleheart's Refrence

Otterstar- Leader of AbyssClan!

Snailheart got a cameo in Katterpies's short comic! It's only avalible on their Patreon right now. (1st image)
I also made fanart of some of the characters as kittens (ref)! (2nd Image)
Read the main comic!
okay the ad's over lol

Webkit and Starling, two Mountain cat siblings! I'm going to be making a halloween piece of Webkit as the Headless horseman :3

Otterfin and Rowancloud!

(Forgot to post a long time ago lol) Malibu, a transgender male fighter tabaxi, and Lone River's significant other *eyes*

Early Halloween Art, featuring Spiderfoot as a Spider and Webkit as the Headless Horseman!

Minor Island Clan Characters, made using these bases

Sketches of my oc, Kestrel

Jaggedsun (Sketch of them on the right is made by -Wolfix-)

An Underwater scene of Kestrel. I'm really proud of this! :3

Mini Refs of Snailheart, Sprucewater, & Otterfin

3 Versions of my new pfp (featuring kestrel)- Full, cropped, and book!


Snailkit (Heart)'s Trauma

Kestrel with "My OC as" meme

Sprucewater with "My OC as" meme

Separate Link

My new support stamp!


My dnd Tabaxi characters- Malibu (Left) when he meets Lone River (Right). Malibu is making a reference from The Maze Runner, which River has never read lol.

Malibu and River's pet names for each other!

River and Malibu Healing their wounds after the "Greenie" scene hehe

Little guys :3

A little drawing I did for something in school- it's a snake creature from Latin American mythology called the Yacumama (search it up)

whoopsies I forgot I made a Sprucewater Gif

I drew Alice for once in my life, and it was on Thanksgiving. That mean anything to you, huh CAT

Duskpaw! I love her eyes :D

Aspenleaf! She's Duskpaw's mother :D

New Snailheart Reference :D

I procrastinated doing this, but I finally finished! MarshClan at night, turn up brightness for better quality :D extra points for naming every character in here! (there's 1 or two hard-to-spot characters, some characters are in -Wolfix-'s art blog
Might even prize people who name all of them! :D

New sprucewater ref! new lore drop too- she can see spirits- not a spoiler, it'll be relevant to the plot eventually

Batclaw and Beetlepaw! Batclaw broke up with his wife cause she wanted to get rid of Beetlepaw cause he was a weakling :( but now they're both in MarshClan and an inseparable duo! they definitely would wear matching Halloween costumes :3

Batclaw and beetlepaw mememememe

batclaw mememememememe


Orange cattos mememememmeme, also bonus points if u can name them all


Kingfisher (he/they), a revived oc!

Island Clans Q&A with -Wolfix-!

Island Clans Among Us (Sprucewater, Hazelslip, Otterfin, & Goldeneye)

My Dnd Character, Lone River, fighting a "Demonic Goose"

Rowanstar new reference

Oakroar New Reference!

Happy Holidays! :D

Stuff for others/fanart

My side for an art request with hauntinginprogress! This is their skull dog OC, Razor. Check out their side here!

Fanart for ClayMan1077

Fanart for DreamWanderer (I 4got to post this 3 months after I made it :'))

Requested by Sp3nc3r_

Requested by AqxdClutch for their Roblox character!

My side of an art trade with Lebecco!

Squirt, DreamWanderer's cat

Gift for Katterpies of their characters from their webcomic, The Exiled!

Fanart for AuralMeow of their characters from their webcomic, What Lurks Beneath!

Day 1 of Drawing A Bunch Of Warrior Cats (at least) Until I Get To 250 Subscribers- Shadowsight (See wallpost)

My side of an art trade with kw1bli! It was really fun =D

Day 2 of Drawing A Bunch Of Warrior Cats (at least) Until I Get To 250 Subscribers- Thunder

Day 3 of Drawing A Bunch Of Warrior Cats (at least) Until I Get To 250 Subscribers- Violetshine

Day 4 of Drawing A Bunch Of Warrior Cats (at least) Until I Get To 250 Subscribers- Firestar

Day 5 of Drawing A Bunch Of Warrior Cats (at least) Until I Get To 250 Subscribers- Rootspring

Day 6 of Drawing A Bunch Of Warrior Cats (at least) Until I Get To 250 Subscribers- Lionblaze (End of challenge)

BIGGGG Sketchbook

Front and Back (Drawn by -Wolfix-)

Gourdian- Pumpkin undead pirate oc thing

Time- IDK, Maybe around an hour?
Date- Probably 1/15/23

The Bad Batch (Star Wars) Poster, Catifyied!
Time- 1.5 Hours
Date- 1/25/23

A catified version of a very good friend of mine!

Chip the Mountain cat!



Sprucewater in a loaf position!

Funny stuff (featuring the brain and kestrel, my oc)

Newt from the Maze Runner, Catified!!! (I did Thomas too but I lost the sketches D:)

Stuff Made Using The Internet

Map of the Island Clans (Made using Inakrate)

A meme made using a meme generator and a time-lapse from one of -Wolfix-'s drawings

(known family) Family Tree of Lone River, my (gay) dnd tabaxi character
Credit-Wolfix- is featured in some of the artwork! Go subscribe to her and check out her art blog too :D

22 Update Logs

Update #22 (Last one!!!) : by Foxx- 12/26/2023 9:52:55 amDec 26th, 2023

Added stuff in Adobe Fresco 2023
Note- I'm creating a new art blog for 2024 and 2025. Make sure to check that out when I post it!
This year has been a huge jump for my art, and I'm grateful for all the support! Thank you for supporting me! <3

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you've improved sm :D :o
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Ahhh thanks!!! That one was really interesting to do, pretty fun :)
(Every time I update my blog the cover changes, fyi 🙃)
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(The first thing I recognize was Animal Jam. I haven't played that in a long time, though I lost the passwords and the username to my accounts)
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wait where did I draw animal jam I completely forgot
I haven't played it in a bit
ohh wait was it Hibiscus in Pineapple Tuxedo journal
I think it was

yeah also thanks!! :D
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hey I dont want to sound like a butthead but maybe remove the cameo your character got in a comic? I understand its cool n all but its not your art so I don't see why its in your art blog???
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