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My minedeas! Birds, Options, Gamemodes! (44th place)

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TheBigEnderGuy's Avatar TheBigEnderGuy
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Thanks for the 46th place!

Hello there, this is my entry to the minedeas. I have different ideas so you can look at what looks interesting to you.
I hope you like it and that I will win!

Thank you for the popular reel

smaller ideas:



I have a small idea for people that just want to record their minecraft simple!

My idea is to record your minecraft just by clicking a record button in options. It will record your minecraft as long as you want and when you stop recording the movie will be placed in a map called recording in your minecraft documents. With this it will be much simpler to make minecraft movies without having to install all those record programs!


Minecraft version options

I hear people say that minecraft is getting full of spam, like the walls. I like all the stuff but many other people say they hate it!

My idea is that when you create a world you can choose in which version you want to play. There will be in options a button called: Version. If you click it you get a list of all versions. You can choose in which version you want to play in here!

Bigger ideas:



What I would like are birds. Many different kinds of birds like parrots and pigeons. All the birds can do different things and are found in different places. Here will be list of all the birds, their powers and where they spawn.


Parrots are found in the jungle biomes. They fly around and sometimes they sit on trees. If you give them seeds, it doesno t care what kind of seeds, they will be your pet. They will fly near to you and attack mobs by flying to them and hit them. They are not very powerfull but because they fly it will take long for monsters to hit them.


Pigeons are found in forest biomes. If you give them seeds they drop a pigeon nest, they can only do this once. You place it and when you give the pigeon something he will put it in here, it works like a chest. You can take pigeons with you if you craft a cage. You craft this just like a chest but then you replace the wooden planks with iron bars. You can shoot them with a bow and they will drop the item they hold.


Vultures are found in the desert. They can sit on cactuses and they fly around. They will attack dropped kinds of meat and you cano t tame them. If you kill them they will drop 2 to 4 feathers.


Hawks are found in the planes, you have 50% of them attacking you. They will attack chickens, cats and dogs too. They eat meat and drop feathers and raw hawk.


You find gulls at beaches. They will sometimes dive into the water and come up again with a fish. If you hurt him he will drop a fish. They only drop one feather when you kill them.

Monster Mode

Monster mode

When you create a new world you can choose creative, survival and hardcore. My idea is to add a new game mode, the monster mode.

In this mode you start as a zombie. You first find a dungeon (They are less rare in this mode) to stay during the day, you will be able to sleep during day in monster spawners. During the night you have to find the NPC Steveo s. You can attack them like a zombie. They will respawn somewhere if you kill them. If you kill one you will get 10 monster XP. The Steveo s will fight back! They build homes, mine and craft, if one of them stays alive for a long time he will maybe find diamonds and craft a diamond sword and more! You need monster XP to unlock new monsters. In the menu you can go to the monster unlock shop. In the monster shop you can change from the monster you want to be too. The Steveo s will always give the same amount of monster XP.


You start as a zombie, this character can hit the Steveo s, If you find a village You can make the villagers zombies, if a zombie villager that YOU turned into a zombie will kill a Steve you get 5 monster XP.


The skeleton costs 100 monster XP. He has a bow, you use this bow just like you do in all the other game modes. When you unlocked the spider you can ride them, if you find them.


You can unlock this monster with 150 monster XP, you will start as a big slime and when you get hurt you will become a smaller slime.


You can unlock the spider with 200 monster XP, when you have this one you can become a spider jockey if you find a skeleton. The spider has all the powers that a normal spider has too.


This monster costs 300 monster XP! You can blow up with the B button on your keyboard. You can blow the Steveo s but you can only blow their stuff too so they lose stuff like armor, pickaxes and swords.


With 400 monster XP you unlock the silverfish! He is small enough to go to places where most other mobs cano t go.


At 600 monster XP you unlock the blaze! This monster can fly and shoot fire charges. It is stronger in the nether, you can travel there by flying/walking in a nether portal id a Steve makes one.

Zombie pigman

You can unlock this character by making 10 zonbie kills in the nether, It will be stronger then the zombie with his golden sword. You cano t hit Steveo s when they didno t hit you first. This mob is stronger in the nether too.

Magma Cube

You get this monster if you died in the fire 10 times using slime. He cano t burn to death. This mob is stronger in the nether too


This monster is a bit harder to get, You need 20 creeper kills, 20 blaze kills, 20 zombie pigman kills to unlock. It can fly and shoot fire charges. This mob is stronger in the nether.

Wither skeleton

To unlock this monster you need 75 skeleton kills! The wither skeleton is very strong with his poison power!

The wither

The wither is a very strong BOSS mob, thato s why it will be very hard to get. You need 200 kills with the wither skeleton. Getting kills with this wono t be very hard, right?


You get the enderman by destroying 200 blocks, you can destroy them with a creeper, a wither, a blaze or a ghast.


This is an BOSS mob, you can get it with 200 enderman kills and you can only use it in the end and the nether, it destroys too many blocks so in overworld Steveo s wono t have a chance.

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by TheBigEnderGuy 12/22/2012 11:59:22 amDec 22nd, 2012

Added recording idea and added Small ideas and Big ideas to spoilers

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04/27/2013 7:46 am
Level 27 : Expert Narwhal
awesomeperson50's Avatar
OMG! this is such a great idea! I hope Notch is looking at this cause if he is he better put this in minecraft! I give this a diamond and a sub!
04/27/2013 7:51 am
Level 36 : Artisan Pixel Painter
TheBigEnderGuy's Avatar
Notch isn't the big leader of minecraft anymore, now Jeb is the main coder of minecraft, so I hope Jeb is looking at this :)
04/27/2013 8:05 am
Level 27 : Expert Narwhal
awesomeperson50's Avatar
oh! I never knew that! you should try to get this to be a mod too if jeb isn't looking
11/14/2013 5:47 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
Haydenjames's Avatar
Whats up with the weird symbols on the words? But it's still epic!!
11/17/2013 7:20 am
Level 27 : Expert Narwhal
awesomeperson50's Avatar
i didn't put any weird symbols on the words...
11/24/2013 6:41 am
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
Haydenjames's Avatar
you did, theres some <?>s and a A with a n above it??
04/27/2013 7:03 am
Level 37 : Artisan Droid
Krisnater12345's Avatar
Cool ideas ;D diamond
01/25/2013 9:55 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Lumberjack
jman518's Avatar
birds monster mode this looks cool. but pigeons there invasive to the us. i guess there not in minecraft. is this text big or is it my computer.
01/27/2013 1:47 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Dragonborn
porkchopper28's Avatar
the text is big...
01/16/2013 5:54 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
EQUIN0X3's Avatar
I agree with all! I love this IDEA! This is my new top!
01/05/2013 2:51 am
Level 28 : Expert Geek
advisortw2's Avatar
I really like the sound of monster mode. Something I've always dreamed of playing in Minecraft.
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