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NEW! Trader Pigmans Update Out (2.6) (Optifine)

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MaiDabVl8180 avatar MaiDabVl8180
Level 35 : Artisan Enchanter
new features here

+ Updated textures of the Pigman

+ Added 5 More skins for Pigmans Each one of them only toggle when a pigman is spawned in a certain biome (along with their zombie version)

+ Updated Guard Pigmans textures for the GuardVillagers Mod

+ Fixed the direction error in the top of the torso of the illager piglins body

+ Behemoths now have different skins wich were not toggle because i forgot to add them xd

+ updated Some of the type skins textures

- Removed the Pigman merchant textures

+ Pigman merchant textures have been removed but replaced with 2 versions of a pigman with less clothes

+ Updated Zombie Pigmans Villagers and Pigman Merchant spawn eggs

+ Pigman Merchant have been Renamed to Wandering Pigmans

+ Updated Diamond Level Profession

+ Updated Zombie Pigmans Villagers Type Skins

+ added 2 new illager piglins skins wich are hornless versions of the vindicator and illusioner

and For last.

+ Updated the credits text document wich credits all of the creators of much of the textures i used to make some of the textures used on this pack :)


downloadhere www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/pigmans-1-16-4-and-1-16-3-optifine/

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07/15/2022 7:35 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
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03/20/2022 8:27 am
Level 43 : Master Artist
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the iron golem look so weird, and fat boi
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