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NovaSkin: Minecraft Skin Editor - Website Review

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avatar Chaftly
Level 37 : Artisan Fox

Last time, I reviewed an iOS application called Minecraft Skins Pro: Creator, which I explained was a great app, but was hard to keep track of where you were in your work. But if you think that was the only way to edit your skin, you're sadly mistaken, for there is a universe of great skin editors. One in particular seems to get it right every time.

NovaSkin: Minecraft Skin Editor

NovaSkin is essentially the best skin editor on the web. It's easy to navigate, fairly straight forward, and even gives you the option to take high-quality screenshots of your skin for profile pictures. I find myself using this feature frequently, as you may know from most of the profile pictures I use. It is a flawless jewel. It's only problem is the occasional bugs you get on every site. For example, when you try to load using a username, sometimes it doesn't work, and this can be a little annoying. However, it works most of the time, so don't let that tiny speck of dirt make you throw away the diamond.

Final Thoughts

NovaSkin cannot be improved, there is not one problem with it, working is smooth, easy an effective. NovaSkin is indescribable with words, so why don't you check it out for yourself at: www.novaskin.me/
CreditPlanet Minecraft

06/12/2012 3:57 am
Level 71 : Legendary Programmer

But I disagree when you say that it cannot be improved, I'm working in the mob skin editor now and tbere are several things to fix.
By the way, thanks for the good review.
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