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Only 3 (Blogtober 2018)

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avatar kitt-chan
Level 27 : Expert Dragonborn
There once was a skeleton. He was very sad because no one wanted to be
friends with him. Everyone bullied the poor skeleton. But he drank all
the milk and had strong bones. Then one day, a little boy called Craig
discovered the skeleton, and asked the skeleton to be his friend.

And then, the skeleton strangled Craig, because Craig used to bully the
skeleton, and having drank all the milk, the skeleton could easily
strangle the little boy, who didn't drink any milk and had weak bones.

'Help! Help me!' He heard his neighbor scream in distress from
the house across the street. He rushed to see what was so terribly
wrong, prepared for the most horrendous of sights he might witness as he
opened the front door. And there she was, sitting in the middle of her
living room...with a carved pumpkin stuck on her head... 'I wanted to see if it would fit,
but then I got stuck and I can't see anything!' s
he explained in shame.

I've been lost in the horror. Why is everyone screaming, are they ok? "Hmm..." he mumbled.
I hope my father is OK, he's been gone for so long. I miss him, but I
must stay strong, fight through this. Even if this kills me, it's for my

And then.....

He skipped a day of drinking milk.

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