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avatar danned11
Level 11 : Journeyman Taco
Dear Reader,
Already i think you can gather i am quite a formal person from the way i started this, however i am going ti use this blog to post my troubles of pmc and getting started on this site. At the time that i am writing this blog i am only level 1 over 200 xp away from level

As many of you budding PMC people know getting started and finding a good level to be at is hard work so im going to show you a few ways of how you can get xp quick!

1. First if you are new to minecraft itself you may be a hater of the steve skin, I am myself not a big fan of it so i made my skin. If you make your own skin completely by yourself not using anyone else's content then you may want to upload it to PMC to see if you can get any views on it. When it first goes live it will go on the homepage for people that log in. If people like it they may click on it and see what its all about which can get you some xp.

2. Secondly you may be a budding builder and want to do some pixel art of a large build in your singleplayer world so you can show it off to your mates. If they like it take a hit and post it on pmc maybe you will get a few hits when it first goes live that can give you that vital xp to gain a level and make you feel miles better!!!!

3. If you are just trying to get xp to level up then you could write a blog like I have to explain something you found in minecraft that really fascinated you or maybe even just want to share a tutorial on how you can do a simple glitch or redstone creation!

4. Next you could host a minecraft server and put that on PMC so players can view give you xp and join your server which may lead the even more benefits. However this can cost for a host to keep the server 24/7!

5. When you reach a high enough level on PMC you can post a mod for the community to use to gain even more xp and if you used the previous tips you will be here in no time!

6. One that not many people know is that commenting and favoriting other peoples work can get you some XP. Not alot but every XP helps!!! 

So these are my top tips to getting started and getting recognised on PMC! To some it may not be very useful but to others it may help a ton!

If this has helped you share it around the community and dont forget to subscribe to my pmc for more awesome blogs and skins!!

Your Sincerely,

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Update #1 : 06/16/2015 3:09:58 pmJun 16th, 2015

Few more tips and fixing typos and bad choices for colour

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Nice blog there! I hope you can maybe pull in some more blogs, make them a bit more with seriousness, I know you have already but maybe change the color, spacing, the words the grammar. Small things and your on the right path!

- WB

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