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Right Click detection 1.13+

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avatar PyroCreative
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
Hey guys !
I'm back...

With Another Minecraft Tutorial.
I haven't been posting since long... So I decided to write a very Simple Tutorial.

Today, We are going to detect when the player right clicks.

It's simple, and follows the Latest Java Edition Syntax.
REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING:- <comp> = comparator ; <rep></rep> = start repeat command block/end repeat command>
<imp></imp> = impulse command block.. <chat> = chat command line

Tarry ! The Best Part of the tutorial is that this method doesn't use -- a fishing rod, or a carrot_on_a_stick!!

strictly follow them in order)

1.<imp> summon villager ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1,Silent:1,Invincible:1,Tags:["clickMe"],Offers:{}}</imp>
2.<chat> scoreboard objectives add RightClick minecraft.custom:minecraft.talked_to_villager (press tab after typing minecraft.custom:minecraft.t to find the statistic faster)
3.<chat> team add Click
4.<chat> team join Click @e[tag=clickMe]
5.<chat> team join Click @p
6.<chat> team modify Click CollisionRule never
7.<imp>effect give @e[tag=clickMe] invisibility 10000 10 true</imp>
8.<rep> teleport @e[tag=clickMe] @p</rep>

(p.s. basic syntax for /testfor alternative is execute if entity <selector>[<selectornbt>] )
1.<rep>execute if entity @p[scores={RightClick=1..}]</rep>
<imp> scoreboard players set @p RightClick 0</imp> (OPTIONAL SEGMENT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO RESET SCOREBOARD DATA TO 0)
2.<rep>execute if entity @p[scores={RightClick=1..}]</rep>
<imp>(ANY COMMAND HERE)</imp>

And That's All.
All repeating command blocks should be set to 'Always Active'.
Activate the impulse command blocks with buttons as said to do so in order.

Hope this Helped.


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