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Rosie's Rants (Minecraft Dating) #3

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Jupiiterr's Avatar Jupiiterr
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Sweetheart
Hey Guys
This is my next topic.....
Minecraft Dating! Is It Okay?!
I have nothing against people dating over minecraft....
For all I can say I am guilty.. The Picture Above is of My Bf and I....
Okay Back On Topic

Let's Get Started!

Is it ok?
Okay, I have nothing against dating though skype and minecraft, but you have to make sure it isn't like a 43 year old man or something. So to me it's alright to date someone though the internet, but this is my personal opinion. Oh and make sure you know each other well before you date because you don't want to start dating after like 3 days xD.
Example: I meet this guy over pmc... We started talking, he was sad cause he recently broke up with his gf. We talked for a couple days... Then he asked me out. I didn't want to make him sad because he was already sad... So i said yes. This was mistake.... We broke up after 3 days because he liked my friend, Cak, Better than me.... Soo yah :oo

My Stories ( only really have 1 xD)
I have my bf now, we meet on a roll-play server that was my favorite server for the longest time... We could get married on the server. We were best friends for about 5 months... then I finally got up the courage to ask him out xD.. He said yes and we've been together for almost 2 months now :D
So I have totally nothing against online dating though minecraft and skype....

That's all I really have to say :3

I hope u guys enjoyed this rant! <3
Thanks For Reading
~Rosie <3 :D

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03/22/2019 6:06 pm
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Now you can make your own different type of pages on the famous social media platform on fun4friends.
how do guys make friends
Akki Shu
08/01/2014 1:44 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Network
Akki Shu's Avatar
This Is Crazy. I Dont Have Anything Aginst It, It Just Sounds Creepy To Me. D=
06/09/2014 3:40 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
manateegirl17's Avatar
What was the name of the server?
05/11/2014 5:11 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Skinner
PortalLogic's Avatar
so here is what happend to me: i was playing on a plot server with my MC GF taybtr she  had a boy skin at first and i made her change it so it was a girl Like 5 months later we broke up becuase she said "We have nothing in comen" and said that we can still hang out on this server and it has been 2 months and she has not been on the server and i check her skin and it is now a GUY AGAIN
05/11/2014 5:27 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Sweetheart
Jupiiterr's Avatar
Well then!
05/11/2014 8:50 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Skinner
PortalLogic's Avatar
06/16/2015 7:57 am
Level 20 : Expert Taco
DunsForHands's Avatar
Maybe that's the way she wanted people to see her. Maybe she wasn't comfortable in her flesh, as a female. This is late, but yeah. x3
04/22/2014 5:16 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
HoneyComb's Avatar
Your not the only one. 
I love our acc by the way :3
G goldenapple
04/11/2014 4:37 pm
Level 27 : Expert Toast
G goldenapple's Avatar
i cant skype whit, what, whut.... someone i don`t know beacuse my parents say `` its dangerus :O ´´  so IIIIIIIIIIIII want to be 18 D: and im very bad at english, englesh, englandich... im bad at spelling D: sad sad sad sad sad SAD! and ur skins is amazing, amasing, abrulle... i can´t spell D: BYE from me and i knooow my user name is so bad or wrong or what u call it im from another contry, cantry, country.... so im not 5 or sooo... BYE!!! this is HARD to read BYE ps: i have like no friens :(
04/09/2014 5:02 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Hunter
[WeirdzAreBeardz]'s Avatar
Breaking up with people over the internet is easier in the sence you block them but the weird thing is you dont block  them you just read the  abuse they type at you :/
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