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Sensitivity Preferences For Minecraft

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Ardency's Avatar Ardency
Level 45 : Master Dolphin
Hello guys! Today I am bringing you 5 ways that you can use your "Sensitivity" settings to match your "Class"
Now what I mean by "Class" is like what you do in minecraft. There is Builder, Artist, PvPer, Sniper, and Breaker. I will be explaining the most comfortable settings for your "Sensitivity" for you class. Well, personally, I am a Builder, Sniper, and Breaker. So I will have those 5 settings available on this blog that are comfortable. Here are the 5 settings.

Builder: (Low) Sensitivity at 100% I think the Builder's sensitivity should be low to be precise with their building, to be careful and not place a block in the wrong place.

Artist (Low-Medium) Sensitivity at 120% I think the Artist's sensitivity should be at this rate for precise building like the builder, but with a bit more speed.You know, to switch colors and be able to turn at a decent pace to go block-to-block.

PvPer (High) Sensitivity at 150% I think the PvPer's sensitivity should be high because they need to be quick to kill. What I mean by "Quick To Kill" is being ready to turn really fast to slay an enemy. But not to fast for a lot of lag. PvPers do NOT want lag.

Sniper (Medium) Sensitivity at 135% I think the Sniper's sensitivity should be at a medium rate because they need to be careful when they're sniping. They need to make the perfect shot and calculate the perfect trajectory. But they also need to be ready to jump down with a knife.

And last but most CERTAINLY not least, the Breaker. (Very High) Sensitivity at 175% I think the Breaker's sensitivity should be the highest because they need to be very quick to clear out land. They need to twist and turn and break every block in their path.

I hope this helped you and you enjoyed it. Thanks for clicking and make sure to leave a diamond, comment, or favorite. Or all! XD -Dolphin~

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11/21/2012 9:22 am
Level 40 : Master Electrician
Lex-Mine's Avatar
jump down with your knife? what? this ain't CoD!
and this topic doesn't just have one variable. It also depends on the mouse you use.
11/21/2012 9:24 am
Level 45 : Master Dolphin
Ardency's Avatar
Yeah well this stuff works for me.
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