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Hopefully this blog will help you fellow minecraftians out there in the process of editing those confusing server.properties (for your server)
If you need to know how to first create a server, please go here

If you already know how to edit the server.properties but are looking for a way to install some plugins; go here

As of 25th May 2011 [Beta 1.6], these are the default settings for a newly installed Beta Minecraft server:
#Minecraft server properties
#Thu Mar 31 20:05:08 CDT 2011

Beta Keys


The "level-name" value will be used as world name and as folder name. You may also copy your saved game folder here, and change the name to the same as that folder's to load it instead.

Valid values:
  • A single line of text. Characters such as ' (apostrophe) may need to be escaped by adding a backslash before them.


This option is introduced in Beta 1.6. Allows players to travel to the Nether.
  • true - The server will allow Portals to send players to the Nether.
  • false - Portals will not travel to the Nether.


Introduced in Beta 1.6.

Valid values:
  • 3-15 - the amount of chunks the server sends to the player. The default is 10.


Set true if you want monsters to be spawned at night, false if you don't. Tip: if you have major lag, turn this off/set to false.

Valid values:
  • true - Enabled. Monsters will appear at night and in the dark
  • false - Disabled. No monsters.


Server checks connecting players against minecraft's account database. Only set this to false if your server is not connected to the Internet. Hackers with fake accounts can connect if this is set to false! If minecraft.net is down or inaccessible, no players will be able to connect if this is set to true.

Valid values:
  • true - Enabled. The server will assume it has an Internet connection and check every connecting player.
  • false - Disabled. The server will not attempt to check connecting players.


Animals will be able to spawn.

Valid values:
  • true - Animals spawn as normal.
  • false - Animals will immediately vanish.


The max numbers of players that can play on the server at the same time. Note that if more players are on the server it will use more resources. Note also, admin connections are not counted against the max players.

Valid values:
  • A number between 0 and 255.


Set this if you want the server to bind to a particular IP. It is strongly recommended that you leave server-ip blank!

Valid values:
  • Blank, or the IP you want your server to run on.


Enable PvP on the server.

Note: Hitting a player while having PvP set to false and having tamed wolfs will still cause the wolfs attacking the attacked player.

Valid values:
  • true - Players will be able to kill each other.
  • false - Players cannot kill other players (Also called PvE).


Add a seed for your world. Like in singleplayer.

Valid values:
  • It can be anything, from letters to numbers or a mixture.
  • Some examples are: 'minecraft', '404', '1a2b3c'


Changes the port the server is hosting on. This port must be forwarded if the server is going through a router. The default port number is 25565.

Valid values:
  • A number between 1 and 65535, though it should be greater than or equal to 1024 as lower values are reserved for well-known services.


Enable a white list on the server. With a white list enabled, users not on the white list will be unable to connect.

Valid values:
  • false - No white list is used.
  • true - The file white-list.txt is used to generate the white list.


Will allow users to use flight/no-clip on your server, if they have an mod that provides flight/no-clip installed. With allow-flight enabled griefers will possibly be more common, because it will make their work easier.

Valid values:
  • false - Flight/no-clip is not allowed.
  • true - Flight/no clip is allowed, and used if the player have a no-clip mod installed.

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