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Short tutorial on How to make Modpacks

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So, you want to make a modpack.
Think what it should be focused on, create a specific kind of experience for your players.
Now that you are done, here is the tech stuff

1. Download forge.
2. Create a work folder.
3. Inside create 3 folders : bin, config and mod. *
4. Run forge and install it on your client.
5. Run it again, and select extract. Move the extracted file in bin. *
6. Download the mods you want to include (e.g. Jei)
7. Download the dependencies (for example weather2 requires coroutil, mrcrayfish's furniture mod requires obfuscate).
8. Run the client with the desired forge version, to let all the folders to generate.
9. Put the mods you downloaded previously w/ dependencies In the mods folder inside of .Minecraft .
10. Rerun minercaft, and then generate a new world. This is going to create all of the config files. *
11. Copy everything form the mods folder (.Minecraft one) into mod. *
12. Find a folder named config in .Minecraft copy all of the files to config in the modpack folder.
13. You are done. Now select all of the folder inside of the modpack folder (bin, mod, config) and then zip them. I recommend using 7zip.
14. Share it! Do whatever you want!

* Bin is gonna store minercaft forge, config will store configuration files, and mod will have ... Mods
** The mod version must match the forge version.

Credit to Rouge 3013 for the screen
https://www.mediafire.com/file/62yknj62ckjm5iw/Stuff.zip/file here is a zip file that has a template in it

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