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Skin theft - again!

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Sugarbun avatar Sugarbun
Level 78 : Legendary Bunny

ello lovelies!

So, as a lot of you people know, many of my skins have been stolen, taken and re-colored or something similar. I thought i made it pretty clear that i did not want anyone to use my skin as a template, or a guideline. And definitely not use any of my textures, shapes or anything similar. I'm more than willing to help you with finding your own style, and how to skin!.

What is skin theft?

Skin theft can be many things, but mostly it's where you directly steal a part of a skin you do not own, or even steal the whole skin, - and claim it to be your own work. <-- Those are the worst, yuck :(
You might think "Oh well it's just a minecraft skin" but reality is, that me and a bunch of other good skinners, spend
hours and hours making these skins for all of you lovely guys! So you can wear super cute and nice skins.

Seeing someone else take credit for your hard work, is never fun :c

What's okay and what's not?:

So, being inspired by someone and going by the same style is completely okay! I'm SUPER thrilled to see how many people have been inspired by me, and i'm very happy that someone thinks i'm that good!

I see peoples skins where i can clearly see they have been inspired by my skins, but still keep their OWN style (kudos for that!) but then sometimes i come across people who don't know the difference between what's mine, and what's yours. For example, they'll take my skin and use it as a "guideline". Basically, just recolor it, fiddle a bit with the pixels and shading, but generally keeping the same shapes, and most of the textures. That is NOT okay.

-It's never okay to use something that you didn't make. You should ALWAYS ask the owner, if you can use it. And if you can, then of course you'll have to credit them. Sadly, most people don't. :c

Being inspired?:

Now, there is a big difference between being inspired, and stealing. As i mentioned before, i can easily see when someone stole something that i made, just like other great skinners will be able to spot their stolen skins in a second, EVEN if it's "heavily" edited. There are ALWAYS signs that you will find. Now, if you are very inspired by someone, it's always a nice thing to mention them in the credits. Not that you have to, but it'll show that you acknowledge the fact that it's not completely your idea, and your idea alone! I have been inspired by loads of great skinners, such as mymagic12, ponygoggles, cheekehpanda, and many others! <-- check them out :3

Making your own skins?:

When you post a skin, that you stole and edited, it won't feel anywhere NEAR as good, as if you make it yourself! Imagine that you copy someones homework, and your teacher tells you how much of a good job you did, now that might feel alright, but imagine how happy you'd be, if you did it all on your own! It'd be the best feeling ever :3

Making your own skins can be hard, but that's when you can let yourself inspire by all the great skinners on PMC!

Getting yourself a name!:

It's always hard in the start, when no one knows who you are. You obviously want to have loads of subscribers and nice people to follow you! I've got a few tips, on how to make your skins really eye catching!

1. I like to have a little tag "sugar" in front of all my skin names. I think it makes it a bit more personal, and it's a nice and fun thing!

2. Name your skins something that isn't too long. Something cute, short, and fitting for the skin. It looks much better, than a super long awkward name.

3. Your description should be nice, and full of colors that catches peoples eyes, so that they will read it, instead of skipping it!

4. Adding little symbols to your name is also a super cute, personal thing you can do!


If you see anyone steal my content, and upload it as their own, please let me know!
i did not give anyone access to use my content, so even if they claim that,
it's not true. thank you!
I will not be making a shaming list, seeing as it's not allowed on PMC.

Sugar xx

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10/30/2014 5:37 pm
Level 41 : Master Toast
candygirlalyssa avatar
Hi sugarbun i would liike advice from you on my skins so i can improve and work on them. thanks
09/27/2014 5:03 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
XiRiX33 avatar
i found someone using your country girl hair on minersneedcoolshoes without credit :(
08/26/2014 6:20 am
Level 41 : Master Toast
candygirlalyssa avatar
Skins can be stressful to make, and seeing people taking any of your content is no fun.
08/05/2014 6:52 am
Level 23 : Expert Pokemon
LavenderTownSyndrome avatar
I love wearing your skins I tell lots of people about you.
07/28/2014 2:28 pm
Level 21 : Expert Narwhal
JJButterBuns avatar
Guess what??? I'm a nobody!!! This should definately help!!! Thx
06/21/2014 5:34 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Oliver_Plays avatar
05/28/2014 11:40 am
Level 27 : Expert Cake
_TattyTeddy_ avatar
Sugarbun, Im having trouble making that little 'signature' thing at the title of my skins. I can't seem to find the user control panel anywere OR the 'signature' thing. Please reply, It would mean alot to me <3xox
Anywayz, see ya <3
05/29/2014 4:16 am
Level 78 : Legendary Bunny
Sugarbun avatar
I don't think you can just set an automatic signature. You're going to have to write it in each time ^^
04/22/2014 6:52 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Mage
PsyQuartz avatar
I really love your skins.

Just tracked your awesomeness down after seeing so many people posting YOUR skins on the web under their names. I would like to ask if I could wear your skin's clothing items on some of my RP characters. I will make sure to add your name and link to your blog in my signature on the RP site.

I reeeeally reeeeally like all this amazing work you've done and hopefully soon I'll post my own skins on here...
Not looking forward to them being stolen though... Cause they do take a lot of effort to make.
02/09/2014 11:05 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
AcaiBerri avatar
Is it okay if i use ur skins as a template but not post it online? I could also say that they are your skins and i just modified it.
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