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Smash - Tips & Tricks

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Hello, everybody. My name is Spectral, and I'm here today to tell you many tips and tricks that I've thought of while playing Smash.

Basically, in Smash, your job is to punch, throw, and use various items to knock your opponents into the void. To do this, you must inflict damage onto your opponents. A good way to inflict this damage, is to use your throwing, stomp, and a few items. Here's how you do it...

You're going to want to basically keep mashing your right and left buttons on your mouse. Doing this will allow you to punch and throw when it recharges. You will also want to stomp, but be warned, you will not be able to do much jumping if you use it often. Also, remember to read up on the jumping, in case you don't already know its dangers.

Another good way to do a ton of damage is to use items. Some of the items you'll want to be using are the fire flower, wood/stone/iron/gold/diamond sword, frag/singularity grenades, bow/shotbow, and of course, the smasher.

The fire flower is a pretty good thing to use. It lights your opponents on fire, which usually causes about 50% damage. But while the flower is good, it has a limited amount of use. You'll want to make sure that you're going to hit them when you fire it.

The swords are good overall weapon to use. They do a good amount of damage to your opponents, and are quite common.

The frag and singularity grenades are also good weapons for doing damage, and blowing up parts of the map. The frag grenade is great if your opponent is coming towards you, as you can throw it nearby and hit them. The singularity grenade is good if your opponent is standing still, or is about to walk where you're going to throw it. I recommend that you throw it where your opponent doesn't see it, so they will mistake it for an item. Just be careful you're not too close to either of them.

The bow and shotbow are good at close range, and do a very good amount of damage. If you're going to use the bow, try to use it at medium to long range, so your opponent doesn't hit you off the map while you're aiming. Remember to aim where they're going to be, not where they are, unless they're standing still. The shotbow is great at close ranging, dealing massive amounts of damage if you get a point blank shot. Just be careful not to get hit off the map while you're loading it...

Finally, we have the smasher. The smasher is a great one use weapon, but it is quite rare. The best thing you could do with it is aim at the blocks under your opponent. Doing so destroys the floor under them, while also doing about 100%-ish damage.
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