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Snapshot ∞ is my new Alpha

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It has been some time since I've made one of these, hopefully I have not lost any ability to get my point across. All the same, welcome back to one of my rare blogs where I discuss things mostly Minecraft related that sound ranty, but actually are thought pieces and tear-downs that I enjoy musing over. Today's topic is on the subject of me moving homes from my Alpha world to Release which, if you read my other blogs, would have you guessing or possibly even knowing why the reason is.

Now, I am not afraid to say I still enjoy the game as old as I am. It is fun, it's got a lot of potential, and has an appeal despite my burnout with it and my uneasiness among the community especially among the older veterans. If you love it, good on you. If you hate it, don't be taking your rage out on others. I have learned from my days of League of Legends that it is not worth beating others down and how detrimental it is to your own health being so obsessed about your hatred towards a game and/or the people around it.

Anyway, going off to the side long enough, let us get back to the main point of this blog post. Recently, Mojang released an April Fool's update that I was just able to finally get my hands on. I could not get it due to being stuck in another state without computer access which is why I'm only now getting around. After hearing about it from ibxtoycat, I had to have it because it was everything I could possibly want from the game and that is the fun of Exploration. The idea of going to different dimensions full of crazy combinations has got my interest in Minecraft once more to a greater degree.

Not sure if I had mentioned this before, but I am an absolute diehard fan of the Aether mod, having played it during the heyday of Tekkit alongside other mods such as Equivalent Exchange and inficraft which remains my number one mod I want in the game. Fun fact: the modder who made it is responsible for Tinker's now, mDiyo. Since then, I have always hoped that something like it would ever come to the game and lo and behold my silent prayers have been answered.

There have been many fun and unique snapshots before this for April Fool's yet this one will remain a permanently fixed home for me. I have many issues with how the game is, don't get me wrong, and most of them are just me not agreeing with the changes altogether plus a yearning for an update to the Mining aspect of it. When you can load a world and beat it without doing the main two parts in the title, I fully believe that it is not good from a casual experience. I do not find joy in having to customize my own game for me to fully enjoy it, though that is not to say mods are bad at all. I think the core game should have some substance rather than fluff which is what Minecraft has become.

Will this make me switch to newer versions of the game including the Nether Update that had just come out? Possibly depending on how the company decides what direction they wish to proceed. Until then, I would like to thank them for giving me an opportunity to find pure joy in this simple idea that will remain with me for as long as I breathe and hope that I could keep it forever more. You do not need to overhaul everything to change a person's opinion nor cater to one group to make it fun. Those who want a reason to come back will find it, you just need to see what sticks and that is the beauty that is Minecraft.

It is a shame that they are trying to appeal to the new instead of thinking about the old. Those of us who seek an Adventure, wish for a challenge, wait patiently for the day when we pick up our diamond (now netherite) swords to venture forth into the unknown with dreams of honor, fame, and possibly riches.
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