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Sonic The Hedgehog Mod - Can someone make this?

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avatar Chasercraft
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Heya, everyone! I'm not much of a guy into making mods (but definately trying new ones I find!), primarily due to the fact that I would probably break my computer if I did try, but I absolutely LOVE coming up with ideas for mods. And the mod that's been on my mind most recently is a Sonic the Hedgehog mod. I know there are already tons out there, but I feel they are not enough to fill me up with the awesomeness that is Sonic.

First, maybe the ideas for items?

Rings: Collectable and spawn randomly in the world, mainly in lines of 3 or 4. Like all Sonic games, once you take a hit, you will lose your Rings, but your health is not deducted.

Monitors: Can contain 1, 5, 10 or 20 Ring power-ups, Barrier, Bubble Barrier, Fire Barrier or Electric Barrier power-ups, Invincibility power-up, SpeedUp power-up, Random Ring power-up, Random Powerup power-up or Life power-up. Can be broken by single click (left OR right), sprinting through, shooting a projectile at it or jumping on it.

Chilli Dogs: A food that when eaten will give Fire Resistance I for 10 seconds and will replenish 4 hunger. Cannot be cooked

Chaos Emeralds: Only collectable legitly through the Special Zone, once seven are obtained, you unlock a cool power


Now, the power-up descriptions:

Barriers: Once equipped, will only protect once. Normal barriers have no speciality, but a Bubble Barrier can make you mine faster underwater, breath longer (by 3 seconds per bubble), decrease underwater dealt damage and can perform a Bounce, which will bring you down to the ground and bounce a bit once you double tap jump. A Fire Barrier will give you immunity to lava, but fire damage outside lava is reduced by at least 30%, and can perform a Dash attack, where you burst through the air, damaging any mob in your way when you double tap jump. The Electric Shield will give you immunity to thunder, and will perform a Double Jump once you double tap jump. Note that these will NOT work in Creative (duh).

Invincibility: Will make you immune to any damage (apart from suffocation), and any mob (excl Ender Dragon and Wither Boss) you touch in this state will instantly die. Lasts for 10 seconds. Also you get some cool Sonic Generations music in the background. Also a chat thing saying 'You are invincible!' will appear until it says 'You are no longer invincible :('

SpeedUp: Will simply give you a Speed II effect for 10 seconds

Life: Will completely refill health and hunger


There is a new dimension in this mod, the Special Zone. A place where you can collect one of the seven Chaos Emeralds. It is essentialy a parkour area that gets harder with every Emerald. To access the Special Zone, you must make a portal out of Blocks of Gold in a ring shape (two blocks bottom and top, left and right with a gap in each corner) and it will start to spin slowly.


Once you collect the seven Chaos Emeralds, have 50 Rings and jump, but press Enter at mid jump. A chat saying 'Super form activated' will appear, and until your Rings total to 0, you have a Speed III, Jump Boost III and Regeneration IV forever. Also you are invincible (except from suffocation), has the longer breathing aspect of the Bubble Barrier, and will again kill any mob apart from Ender Dragon and Wither Boss


Also, you can craft Sonic's Shoes! There are three parts to make seperately, but only two to join (I'll explain) together. To craft Sonic's Shoe Sole, you need 3 Wool, either White, or any Grey in any order (if you don't have 3 of one colour) in a line, like making a Slab. To make the actual Shoe part, you need 2 Red Wool and one White Wool, White in between Red, again, like you were making a Slab. And finally the Buckle, 4 Gold (butter) Ingots in a Crafting Table fashion. Combine the actual Shoe part and the Buckle in the crafting, get the finished Shoe part, stick that on top of the Sole and viola! Although they don't give protection, they DO give a Speed 1.5 effect.
CreditSonic the Hedgehog is property of SEGA, but the mod idea is MINE
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