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Welcome Ladies and Gentleblocks to yet another blog. A lot of you may be curious as to where I've been the last few weeks and the reason for my lack of blogging is purely down to, I've been busy.

The meaning behind this blog is purely based off a comment that a friend made to me today concerning gamers and their attitude towards life. This blog will most certainly end up in a sort of rant but I'll try to keep it moderately sane.


As all language text books do, they at one point will mention either current-day health issues (such as obesity) or the severity of children using technology. Following a phrase (in Spanish to be specific) mentioning how 'video-game addicts' are unsociable, my friend turned to me and agreed with the statement. He claimed that all gamers were unsociable and that all they did was to play World of Warcraft and stuff their faces with unhealthy food.


This not only aggravated me as a gamer but also as a human being. The reason for the 'gamer' aggravation was due to his negative attitude towards gaming, but more specifically towards the stereotypical view of gamers as a whole. For some curious reason, the majority of the non-gaming world are under the impression that all gamers adopt a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle who reserve their minds to playing games like World of Warcraft.

Some gamers may adopt a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle to a point where their lives may be threatened but that occurs on a very very rare scale. It is wrong to criticise an entire community when it is the world as a whole that is suffering from unhealthy and unsociable lifestyles, not just gamers. As a whole, the gaming community is a thriving and bustling group of (mostly) intelligent individuals who like to express their creativity through the means of building or maybe expressing their particular talent on a certain game.

As regards to World of Warcraft being used as the stereotypical 'nolife' game. I must disagree entirely. I've never played the game for a prolonged period of time but I do know that strategy and skill are two heavy features to playing it properly. Obviously, the media doesn't help with the comedic episodes of South Park where they 'Make Love not Warcraft' or the countless news articles referring to the death of a 'nolife' gamer that died after playing a game for too long. The fact of the matter is, gamers as a whole aren't nerdy, unhealthy and unsociable. They are quite the opposite. They are an intelligent and bustlingly sociable bunch of talented individuals that if combined would create a gigantic destructive machine of total annihilation.


If you've been affected by people stereotyping gamers and it has upset you, don't worry. Just remind yourself how much more interesting and creative your life is compared to them. They claim gamers to be 'unsociable' and 'unhealthy', I talk regularly to over 100 people a day online through text and audio while keeping a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Turn around, slap them in the face and explain to them what (most) gamers do and how they are a bustling positive community. I made a short graphic below to showcase my views on the matter.

CreditLynchyinc for the build thumb.

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09/23/2013 12:43 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Architect
ricey125's Avatar
I see and agree completely with your point. But unfortunately there will always be stereotypes.
12/28/2012 7:06 pm
Level 46 : Master Turtle
dunkey4's Avatar
I Totally Agree, ime a gamer but i like to spend time outside and i eat more healthy food than unhealthy food by choice. this blog actually inspires me to make a skin "The Steriotypical Gamer" great blog so i must fav and diamond
Nyan Cat fan
12/24/2012 10:18 am
Level 24 : Expert Cake
Nyan Cat fan's Avatar
I agree, gamers just don't sit around all day playing violent and odd alien games while eating Twinkies non-stop, there basically people who just watch screens of a game there playing. Yes, it doesn't help you get active most of the time,but there regular people. They might become unhealthy, but some other people are unhealthy and don't play video games. Remember this:

People can think that you are something with prejudgment, but that doesn't mean what they say is ture
12/11/2012 9:35 pm
Level 42 : Master Droid
MineCraftatron85's Avatar
Okay... :(
12/06/2012 12:46 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
Dimentioze's Avatar
I love how all the idiots who think gamers are antisocial freaks of nature with no life and no brains and yet go around listening to rap and death metal, pose as cool and essentially be complete vain fools.
I think if all the gamers in the world (except the few hordes of screaming 10 year olds) were to group together, well, the rest of society would probably be a bit, well, behind.
12/01/2012 8:01 am
Level 27 : Expert Network
Dynit's Avatar
Agree. My parents say "Get a life" all the time to me because they follow the same stereotype, but actually gaming culture isn't all that.
11/25/2012 10:31 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Crafter
Kitty78Kat's Avatar
I have felt a spark in the abyss of my gaming life. You, good sir, made my day. My parents says i should get off my duff and do something. I AM doing something. I am making the best castle you ever seen! I am getting a texture pack and Pixel-Painting Skins for others! Reddit ACTUALLY Teaches me ways of life! (most of the time :D) I AM A GAMER, AND I WILL NOT BACK DOWN OF WHAT THEY THINK OF WHAT I AM! Comment if you agree!
12/24/2012 3:25 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Dragon
Aeroman246's Avatar
11/21/2012 2:01 am
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
pilotmaster9's Avatar
I somewhat agree but I must give a point to the old people, world of warcraft is incredibly addictive as well as expensive,it does have addictive qualities as it gives you heaps of goals and makes you feel obligated to complete them.Furthermore,trust me I played it for 2 years and it did awful things to my life.
11/17/2012 9:34 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Goblin
goneeeeeeee's Avatar
TRUE, my friends call me lazy and yet they express their creativity in no known way!
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